Tuesday, February 2, 2010

What Is Love? by Jambrea Jo Jones

Let's give a warm welcome to today's guest Jambrea Jo Jones. She's not only a friend, but an imaginative author! Her many writing credits include:

From Freya's Bower: OTOG Anthology & Runaway Man
From Total-e-Bound: Over the Moon
From Liquid Silver: Semper Fi: Magnus

Take it away, Jambrea....

The dictionary has many definitions of love. I’ll list a few.
*A profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person
*Sexual passion or desire
*A love affair; an intensely amorous incident; amour
*Sexual intercourse; copulation
If you look, you’ll see there is nothing in there about gender. Hmmm…I wonder why that is? My guess would be because love doesn’t know gender. Love comes in many forms and you should count yourself lucky if you mange to find it in your life time.

That moment when you know it’s love is different for everyone. I’ll share my moment when I knew I could be on the way to love.
I was back home, just discharged from the Air Force. I had settled into a job and got my own apartment. I was online a lot, talking to different people. I met a couple guys and we went out, but it was usually a one time deal and I would never get back to them. It started to be a trend. I think I was scared.
At that point in my life, I’d only been in two other semi serious relationships. One was in High School—my first true boyfriend. He ended up killing himself the summer after our senior year over some other girl. So, that was one reason to be nervous about love. The second one was a Marine I met over the phone while stationed in Nebraska. I don’t know if it would really be considered a relationship because we only got together when he was home on leave. It was a great week, but then he left and things kind of fell apart. There was reason number two to be afraid.
Along came Anthony. I met him online and found out that we went to High School together and were even in the same math class. He was a year behind me in school. (Yes, he is younger, but only by ten months. He still likes to call me the older woman. lol) I had no clue who he was or even how he remembered me. We decided to meet up after a few weeks of chatting on line and over the phone. Now, this is usually the kiss of death for me. lol This time I took my sister, her friend and my friend. Anthony is a musician and we went to see his show.

When we got there, Anthony was playing. I was already starting to get nervous. They had a set break and he came down to flirt with me. Not talk, Anthony flirts. And…he was drunk. Really drunk. I am usually a shy and reserved person in public. He is not. There is not a shy bone in that man’s body. He is very friendly and full of life. Totally opposite from me. Right then I thought, he isn’t my type. I’m not even going to try.
So the trend continued. Or did it?
After Anthony got out from under the table (He got under there and made some joke about drinking someone under the table. He had a beer sitting on the table he was under. I just shook my head.) and back onstage, I talked to my friend and sister. The night went on and we stayed for the whole show. For some reason, Anthony didn’t have a ride. I have no idea why. He was sweet and charming, even drunk, and somehow he convinced me to give him a ride home. I debated for a bit and drove him home, thinking I would never see him again.

We talked for a bit on the way home and I pulled up in front of his house. And what did that man do? He said goodnight and kissed me on the forehead as he left. That moment, right there, that brief kiss, is what did it. I started to fall. Then he called me. We talked and that clinched the deal. We’ve been together ever since. That was nine, almost ten, years ago.

You never know when love will come to you and you should always be open to it. No matter the race or gender. No matter the preconceived notions you might have. Open yourself to it and you’ll find it.


Faith said...

What a lovely story, Jambrea! And that wedding pic is soooo pretty!

Jambrea said...

Thanks. :) I love that picture.

Maria said...

Great story Jambrea! You are so right,you never know who you are going to love and you should be open to it regardless of any pre-conceved notions. I'm glad that you gave Anthony a chance!

Jambrea said...

Thanks Maria. I am too. I'm glad I didn't let my fear get in my way. :)

Desirée Lee said...

It's always heartwarming to hear about RL HEAs. Gives me hope that maybe I'll find one someday myself.

Carpe Noctem,

Desirée Lee
Putting the Romance Back in Necromancy

mamasand2 said...

I loved the way that meeting went. I can't believe a drunk extrovert like that kissed you on the forhead. That was very sweet.

Great wedding photo too.


Jambrea said...

Des - I really think there is someone for everyone. :)

Sandie - He is an extrovert, but he is also very sweet. :)

Zina Lynch said...

Hey Jambrea,
I agree, lovely pic. I'm taking my oldest (Step. 24) for an archery lesson and I'm hoping it happens with Tom her instructer. It's like a blind date only she gets to shoot arrows.

Jambrea said...

lol Zina! Good luck with that. Let's how she doesn't shoot him. That has romantic comedy written all over it. heehee

Word Actress said...

Always be open to love...thank you for reminding me of that...Best, Mary Kennedy Eastham

Susilien said...


What a beautiful story. Started out sad thou. Maybe someday God will bring the right guy along. Until then, I will be busy.

Anthony is adorable and he sings really well.
Have a wonderful day.

Jambrea said...

Word Actress: You're welcome :)
Susilien: Thanks. You'll find yours. I have faith. :)

Ericka Scott said...

What a sweet love story! Love the picture ~