Thursday, February 25, 2010

What Cindy Reads - Dime by Aubrey Leatherwood

Blurb: Never in a million years would Nicole Donaldson have imagined she'd become a rapper. But when the reserved middle-manager gets caught up in a lark with her Prince-obsessed brother, she's offered a music deal by hot music producer, Baron Odom. Nicole doesn't know what to make of her entrance into a world and lifestyle she's disdained from afar. She also can't quite wrap her mind around the quickly deepening attraction she has to Baron. Can she resist the call of the stage? The call of her heart?

Pardon me for the cliche opening to my review, but since there seems to be some confusion as to what a 'dime' is, allow me to shed some light on the slang term. The Urban Dictionary defines 'dime' as, "A very good looking female as in a perfect ten." Nicole Donaldson isn't that...she's so much more. She describes herself and relationship to the hip-hop music industry as, "a gainfully employed voyeur." And her voyeurism is mostly confined to her recording genius brother's basement, until one birthday weekend---Nicole is outted for the closet hip-hop freak she is.

Her searing satire of the rapper girlfriend stereotype grabs the attention of music producer, Baron Odom. He's classically tall, dark and handsome--and never misses a beat. It doesn't take him long to size up Nicole, either. Given her attitude toward hip-hop and musical folks in general, he's right on the money when he labels her a snob.

There's so much more to Baron than just his so fresh and so clean-clean exterior. Then again, there's much more to Nicole than her fiercely combative streak. Baron's just the man to get beyond her tough-as-nails facade and find out what really makes her tick. Their whirlwind love affair goes hand in hand with Nicole's meteoric debut on the hip-hop scene. And he's there the whole way telling her not only what she wants to hear, but what she needs to hear. Fasten your seat belts, readers, you're in for one sexy, glamorous, bumpy ride.

This short is far from sweet, but it is slick, smart, and chock full of steamy lovin'. But what else would one expect from Ms. Leatherwood? She is always funny, always powerful, and always on point. Dime is no exception. Nicole might proclaim, "Fuck a damn dime, I'm a nine all the time." But in this author's book, Aubs, you are always a ten.

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Aubrey Leatherwood said...

Damn Cindy, I love this review!

Cindy Jacks said...

Hey, it's the truth :)