Wednesday, March 5, 2014

#Writing Wednesday--RED SKY AT NIGHT

It's official! Got the signed contract back from Ellora's Cave earlier in the week. RED SKY AT NIGHT will be the fourth book in my PIRATES AT HEART series. *happy dance*

To celebrate, I thought I'd give you a sneaky peeky at Captain Nathaniel Logan. Just like Brett and Marcus, Nate is part cowboy, part pirate and all alpha male!

Chapter One

June 2039


Red sky at morning, sailors take warning. Red sky at night, sailors’ delight. The old adage played through Nathaniel Logan’s mind as he focused the lenses of his high-powered binoculars on the statuesque blonde occupying the deck of The Bluebell. Tall, toned and curvy in all the right places, Nate couldn’t help but take a minute to drink in the lush bounty of her form. His cock stirred at the swell of her breasts beneath a tight, black T-shirt. He could stare at Ruby Delaney all evening, the rose-colored sunset glinting in the waves of hair licking at her shoulders and tanned cheeks, were it not for the fact that she was standing on the deck of his goddamn boat. There might be red skies tonight, but he knew he was in for stormy weather nonetheless. Game on and he was all too happy to play.

Checking his belt for supplies, he patted the knife and rope he would use to subdue her. Though a PK Walther Echoblaster rested in its holster, he wouldn’t need such firepower for this game. In his leather jacket pocket, he grazed his fingers over the outline of the silver flask she had given him last time they met. He pulled out the bottle and took a swig of the aged tequila. The liquor burned a trail down his throat, warming his gut and fanning the fire already alight between his thighs. If she thought she could hijack his ship without being punished, she had another think coming. Ruby had a nasty habit of taking of with boats that didn’t belong to her.

Silent as a cat, Nate stalked around the side of The Bluebell and slipped onboard. He had watched the crew leave, one by one soon after they had made port. They would carouse all night which would give Nate ample time to reclaim his ship and claim whatever recompense he saw fit. A surge of arousal pressed his hard-on against his zipper. Oh the things he would do to that woman when he got his hands on her.

Tiptoeing along the port side passage to the bow, he could see her admiring the sunset as if she didn’t have a care in the world. He wrapped his fingers around the hilt of his knife and unfastened the flap. An almost imperceptible stiffening of her posture gave him pause. She had heard the snap, damn it. Nate was sure she had.

Before she could get the drop on him, he lunged forward, snaking an around around her neck and securing a hand over her mouth. She squealed, kicking him in shins and thrashing wildly, but she stopped as soon as he pressed the knife to her throat.

“That’s a good girl.” His lips grazed her ear. “You know why I’m here, Ruby.”

She nodded, chest heaving.

“And you know what I’m going to do to you.”

She grunted what he could only assume was an affirmative answer.

“Good.” He ran the tip of the knife down her chest, tracing the outline of one breast and then circled the nipple until it drew into a taut bud.

“I take back what I said earlier.” Nate huffed. “You’re not a good girl at all. You are very, very bad.”
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