Monday, March 17, 2014

#Makeup Monday - Peacock!

I’ve always been infatuated by Peacocks. They are gorgeous birds, full of vibrant colors- blues, greens, purples, yellows… Kind of like my colors after a not-so-graceful tumble down the stairs (which I manage to do at least twice a year). Of course, the odd thing is that only the males have these striking colors. The female, also called a Peahen, is actually a greyish-brown. Boring. They are probably just dirty from having to stay home and clean up after all the male Peacocks (Peafowl, appropriately named) and their little offspring Peachicks. In any case, I still think these birds are beautiful.

When I first became a presenter for Younique, I was amazed at how brilliant their eyeshadow pigments were! I have been able to create so many looks using their colors! They apply seamlessly, blend beautifully, and last until I wash them off. Plus, there are so many pigment colors to choose from! Since Younique’s eyeshadow pigments are 100% natural, mineral-based pigment powders, I can never say ‘no’ to just one!

While playing Clue one afternoon, it was actually my 9-year-old son who suggested I figure out a way to do “Peacock Eyes”. Little genius. It’s almost like he knew that this has become one of the popular recent makeup trends… and what better makeup to pull it off than Younique?!

I HATE HATE HATE before pictures (Did I mention I HATE before pictures?), but I always use them because I am personally someone who needs to see that a look can be achieved on any average woman, without the use of Photoshopping! So, once again, a ‘before’ picture:
Ugh. Thankful that part is over with. 

Onto the fun part. It took me less than 5 minutes to create this look! I began by using “Famous” over my entire lid and inner eye. I then blended “Heavenly” at the center of my eyelid and center of my lower lid. For the outer part of my lid (both upper and lower, I applied “Regal”. To give my eyes that extra POP of sparkle, I dabbed a bit of “Gorgeous” into the inner corners of my eyes. Again, less than 5 minutes!


My husband and son loved the look, but I just kept feeling like something was missing. Aha! Feathers! However, since I don’t keep a stash of multi-colored feathers in my pocket, all of our Elmer’s Glue has been used by my son to make “peeling skin hands”, I was at a bit of a loss.

I opted to use a wet liner brush dipped into “Precocious” pigment, and completed the look. Check closely- it’s just dots and dashes, ladies- and you don’t need to know Morse Code to do this! It can even be a little sloppy, because nature isn’t perfect and that is exactly what makes it beautiful!

By the way, a Peahen chooses her partner by the length, width, and coloration of the Peafowl’s tail. Ummmmm… sound kinda familiar? ;-)

Check out these natural ingredients:

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See you next week!
Kelly xoxo

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