Monday, March 10, 2014

#Makeup Monday -- #SaintPatricksDay Eye Color Looks

I come from a long line of pranksters.  My family has done it all:  the Saran Wrap on the toilet seat, the sugar in the salt shaker, the alarm clock re-set for 2am, the ‘short sheet’, the rubber snake/fake vomit/squirting ink pen/hand buzzer/Whoopie Cushion, etc.  I’ll also openly admit right now in front of God and everyone that I am the one who put Tobasco sauce in the dorm humidifier on April Fool’s Day many years ago in college (sorry Hall 3B).

However, my family doesn’t discriminate.  Oh no, we don’t save our pranks only for April Fool’s Day.  In fact—and maybe this is due to our Irish blood—most of our “shenanigans” tend to happen on or around St. Patrick’s Day so we can blame everything on that mischievous leprechaun!  

On St. Patty’s Day two years ago, I swapped all of the contents of my husband’s dresser drawers with my son’s dresser drawers.  My hubby woke up and reached in his underwear drawer only to find Lego pieces, a shark tooth, leftover pieces from various board games, a Rubik’s Cube (stickers not in their original locations), and a Magic 8 Ball.  He looked at me and said “What the f**k?” and I smiled innocently, shook the Magic 8 Ball and sweetly replied “Ask again later.”  My son then woke up and reached in his sock drawer and came up with adult boxer briefs, a few Breathe Right strips, Axe body spray, and a broken Christmas ornament.  Next thing I know, my son walks into my bedroom wearing:  adult boxer briefs, a billion sprays too many of Axe body spray, and a broken Christmas ornament that he taped to his abdomen with a Breathe Right strip.  Lord help me.  

The following St. Patty’s Day, the joke was on me… or so they thought ;-)   Knowing the night before that my husband and son had been practicing their pinching technique to achieve maximum brusing-ness, I prepared myself and laid out my outfit for the next day:  Jeans, a green v-neck sweater, green shamrock earrings, green socks, and an adorable green feather boa just for fun.  I awoke to find every one of those items missing… and then some.  In fact, each and every thing in our entire house that contained any trace of green was gone.  And I honestly mean everything. Vanished. Poof. Exit stage left. Well, everything except for the matching bright green sweatsuits my hubby and son wore. All day long.  A**holes.  

But alas, they weren’t as smart as they thought… I’m  always prepared just in case some Leprechaun (ahem, family member) decides to hide everything green in our house in the bed of his pickup truck on March 17th.  Ok, not really.  More like:  I was lazy and didn’t bring in my “just in case I get snowed in at work” bag from the car that also contained a large stash of Younique eyeshadow pigments.  Yes, including green.  Those foolish boys.  As I applied my pigments, I felt like I had struck gold!  You DO know that Irish gold is green, right??

In case you are curious, here are a couple of pictures of me that fateful day:

Oops, wrong pictures!  Let’s try this again…

Are you green with envy over my eye shadow pigments?  I thought so, but I’ll let you in on my colors, all by Younique (of course, my favorite!):  Empowered on browbone, Famous on lid, and Crushed in crease and lower lash line.  I topped it all off with Younique’s 3D mascara-  those are not falsies, they are my real lashes after applying the mascara! Gotta love those all natural ingredients!!!

Of course, after having a few Irish Car Bombs and an Irish coffee, I started to play with some crystals and stickers I found on sale at a local craft store.  So much fun!

Wanna see some more fun up close?  (That’s what HE said ;-))

Now it is your turn to be lucky!  Place an order in the next week and I’ll throw in a free green pigment of your choice! 

Questions?  Come visit me on Facebook at Younique by Kelly Duckworth!

Get ready, ladies!  Saint Patrick’s Day is only seven days away and those silly

Leprechauns are up to no good!


Have a green… I mean GREAT week!





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