Wednesday, November 7, 2012

#NaNoWriMo - Be your own cheerleader!

These past few days I've been wrestling with a nasty cold and laryngitis. Needless to say it was all I could do to keep up with my usual domestic duties, much less try to write my goal of 2000 words each day. This morning I did panic a bit when I noted I was still languishing around 10,000 words (the same word count as a few days ago). But what separates those who can from those who cannot? Perseverance!

Am I going to let a couple unproductive days discourage me?

Am I going to get down on myself because I haven't yet reached my goal?

Am I going to throw in the towel?

Am I going to have a couple glasses of wine today?
Most likely!

And then I'm going to pick myself up, dust myself off and get back on that proverbial horse because writing a book is a marathon, not a sprint. Yes, it helps that I have the confidence that comes from having several already completed novels and novellas. But even if you don't and you've found yourself in the same boat I'm in, don't get discouraged or give up simply because you haven't been as prolific as you would like. Do whatever you have to do to get your head back in the game (hence the couple glasses of wine pour moi *grin*) and get back to that story.

Remember: If you don't try, you'll never have that 5000 word writing day. So be you're own cheerleader and get yourself psyched to write--here, I'll get you started:

Hey, hey! Ho, ho! We're gonna write 50K for NaNo!
Hey, hey! Ho, ho! We're gonna write some mo', some mo'!

What? No...I haven't gotten into the wine yet...why do you ask?



Jess @UsedYorkCity said...

Loving the perseverance, Cindy! Just think how AWESOME it's gonna feel come December 1st!!!

Cari Lorine said...

Well, after reading this, I don't think there can be any doubt that you'll hit your writing goal! You can do whatever you put your mind to, Cindy. I hope you're feeling better. Wine always helps me, too! :) Great post! Go, go, go!! :)