Friday, November 16, 2012

Lots of fun stuff today! #Contests #Author #NewRelease

Today's the day! SMUGGLER'S BLUES, JUST A LITTLE BYTE, and RECLAIMED are releasing today so of course I've got some fun stuff planned. The blog hop will kick off in a few, but I just wanted to give you a list of all the places you can find me and my writing today. Please drop by and leave a comment. I'm giving away signed book copies, Ellora's Cave playing cards, e-books and a $20 Amazon gift card. I'll be choosing three winners at random from those who leave comments at any (or all *grin*) of these events.


Take a Little Byte mini-blog-hop:

Rock and Roll High School with Karen Booth:

Creation of an Alpha Hero with Cerise Deland:


Cari Lorine said...

Oh my goodness! You're so much more productive than I can even pretend to be, Cindy! That's a lot in one day!

fiona maclean said...

lol indeed Cari, it's evening for me and I still have work to do!

Cindy Jacks said...

Awww, you give me too much credit, Cari. All this stuff took me weeks to coordinate, but thanks for the vote of confidence :)

Cindy Jacks said...

I feel ya, Fiona. I feel like I'm always swamped...just treading water, lol.

Jacqueline said...

Cindy, you're a tease - but in a good way...