Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Happy Debut to Eva LeNoir!

Hi, Eva! Welcome to my blog. Grab a glass of wine make yourself comfy :)
Thank you, Cindy! Oh and if we’re starting with a glass of wine, I may just never leave ;)

First off, I’d like to congratulate you on your new release...and if I’m not mistaken this is your e-book debut. How does it feel to have your words available to the world?
Yes, this is absolutely my debut whether it be e-book or otherwise. I’ve always written but this was my first finished work. Well, to be honest, I’m not sure it’s hit me yet. I must admit that it feels pretty close to hanging out your laundry in public. It’s such an intimate thing and yet completely for the world to see. Yep, a tad frightening to say the least.

Please, give us a little about Bloodweight and what inspired you to write it.
Bloodweight is about a female vampire, Ellen, who has used her fighting talent as a means to make something of herself. She’s angry inside and kick-boxing is her release. There are rules and with those rules comes self-control. Except her perfectly planned life is going to crumble when the biggest fight of her life won’t necessarily be in the ring. And oh…Nash! This male vampire has everything he could possibly want and yet he doesn’t have Ellen and that is just unacceptable! But, believe me, he’s a very persuasive male…

When Ellen first came to mind, she wasn’t a vampire. She was a regular woman struggling with her life and having only one out to survive. Personally, I think kick-boxing is a splendid sport, a choreography of sorts. But then I wanted to create an entire world around this arena and the idea of making it full of otherworldly enemies working together with the sole goal of making money, appealed to me. It’s like a fictional rendition of our own world except here; the good guys get really great sex ;)

I noticed this is the first in the Underdogs of the Arena Series. What other releases do we have to look forward to in this series?
Yes, Bloodweight is the first in the series. At first, I thought I would have two more books and then…something happened while writing Bloodweight and the final book come to me. As it stands today, there will be 4 books in the series. But who knows, maybe more will introduce themselves as I write along. They are a bit sneaky like that!

Do you intend to continue in the paranormal erotica genre. If not, what other genres are you working in? If so, what about paranormal draws you in?
To be honest, I don’t have a genre per se. There is a thriller idea bouncing around my head in collaboration with two of my friends but we are merely in the “what do you think about this” stages. I also have an idea of a stand-alone in the Ménage genre, inspired by a friend of mine. I must admit that if I’m thinking of him while I’m writing it will be light-hearted and full of humor.

As a newly published author, what advice do you have for aspiring writers?
I suppose I’d have to say: Finish your work. I’ve spoken with aspiring authors, like myself, and we hide in the safety of our unfinished manuscripts. If they are not complete, then they cannot be torn apart by the editors and readers. Also, it is crucial to have good and honest beta readers before submitting. A family member who doesn’t want to hurt your feelings just won’t do it, in my opinion. Have an English teacher take a look, for example. But yeah…get it done and send it in.

Where do you see your work in the next year? In ten years?
To be honest, I haven’t even gone as far as next month. I’m really just enjoying the fact that I’m published. And I have Horny Devil Publishing to thank for that! It may sound ridiculous but the simple idea that I’m “a published author” makes me ecstatic! Obviously, in the filing cabinets of my brain, I’m finishing all four stories of the Series but beyond that…it will have to be a surprise!

Where can we find your book?
Bloodweight can be found first and foremost on the website of Horny Devil Publishing, in the Paranormal section. It is for sale at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords and ARE.

Where can we find you?
Wow, that’s a philosophical question, Cindy…Not sure I’ve actually found myself, haha. But physically, you can find me on:
Facebook-- , you can friend request me if you’d like. This is where I keep in touch.
FB Author Page: This is where I keep you up to date on the books!
I’m currently working on a website of my own and trying desperately to figure out Twitter LOL!

And now for more fun!
Name your favorites:
· Author (besides yourself, lol)? Wow ! So, difficult… but, Ernest Hemingway takes the lead!
· Book? The Catcher in the Rye because it gave me the passion.
· Music? I don’t have a favorite genre. I can listen to Chopin and turn around and listen to Metallica.
· Band/singer? Dave Matthews Band, Bob Dylan, Pink Floyd and list goes on…
· Movie? So many choices but as a big Tim Burton fan I must say: Big Fish but ask me tomorrow it might be something else..haha.
· Actor? My first reflex is to say Johnny Depp and not for his very tempting looks but for the film choices he’s made throughout his career. His talent is amazing!
· Actress? Definitely Meryl Streep. What an incredible actress! She can make you laugh, cry, cringe and everything in between! And seriously, who didn’t cry in the Bridges of Madison County?

Okay, time to commit--you can only choose one:
· Summer or winter? Summer, no doubts!
· Candy or French fries? Candy
· Ketchup or mustard? Ketchup
· Tall, dark and handsome or golden boy? Tall dark and handsome, always!
· Early to bed or night owl? Night owl
· Strawberry or chocolate? Pffft…chocolate! But then…a strawberry dipped in chocolate never hurt ;)
· Chains or whips? Chains
· Alpha male or sensitive guy? Alpha…hmmmm…

Guilty pleasure: Name one thing you love that you’re ashamed of.
Well, well Cindy…are you trying to have me divulge all my dirty secrets? Let’s just say it’s sweet and fits really well in my mouth. I love to suck on it but unfortunately I cannot do so at work. Apparently, teaching with a lollipop (love butterscotch) in my mouth are not considered compatible.

Thank you again, Eva, for being my guest and I can’t wait to read more of the Underdogs of the Arena Series!
Thank you so much for having me, Cindy. This was great fun!! And by the way, I’m a great big fan of your writing so this was an honor! ;)

Aw, now I'm blushing...and the honor is all mine. You've definitely recruited me as a fan ;) I read Bloodweight last night and it is fantastic. I'll post a review next week, but I recommend readers get their copy today!


Cari Lorine said...

Great interview, Cindy! It was so nice to get to know Eva a little and hear about Bloodweight. Thanks for sharing!!

fiona maclean said...

nice interview, I love getting to know this network of writers

Eva LeNoir said...
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Eva LeNoir said...

Thank you ladies, I'm glad you enjoyed it. For my part, I had a great time, lots of fun!
Thanks for your support,


Eva :)