Monday, March 22, 2010

Spring into Spring with Kayden McLeod!

Today's Spring into Spring Blog-a-bration guest is Kayden McLeod, author of erotica, romance, and science fiction. Kayden has been kind enough to share with us her beautiful home. You can also chat with her online at where she is the hostess with mostest. Thanks for being my guest today!

Late spring in British Columbia is beautiful, serene and majestic. I am a nature-junkie, and feel the most inspired while in the centre of it. Whether it be by the sea stretching along the coast, or further into the interior where the Canadian Rockies trail a path up north, cutting through our province and into the next over, Alberta.
The season is a time when color becomes abundant, bleeding into the greens and blues, adding to the ever-growing palate surrounding us. Spring is the bringing of new life, a fresh beginning; when winter melts away to give light and warmth to the world.
Everything about nature is a deciding factor in the beginning steps of my writing, inspiring my stories and often serving as a starting point, even before I have begun plotting. I find elements hidden in the setting, which will spring new ideas, patterns and details of what is around the characters, into the literary-tapestries I try to create.
In my first Paranormal Science Fiction, entitled Deep Water Legends, I was inspired by the wilds of British Columbia. I chose Mount Robson out of all the many possibilities this province has to offer, because the Provincial Park provided the means for an uninterrupted chase between predator and prey. The Hunters deliberately box the quarry in, between them and the highest peak in the Canadian Rockies, with no way out. Now envision a fleeing Rogue vampire, stuck in the middle of the below pictures. He can’t teleport out nor use his own magic, while the Hunters remain unaffected by the precautions they’ve taken to ensure success. To make the terrain even more difficult, he’s stuck with a human dramatically slowing even his limited progress.
Even though the book begins in the Rockies, further into the quest the setting moves to the beaches of South Surrey. The Council Hunters, Arcadia and Ceanna belong to the vampires who rules this region of BC, the Foxworth Coven. The following is pictures of White Rock/Crescent Beach.

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The ruling body of vampires have let loose their top Hunters to get back an artifact. Their mission: retrieve the Dragon Stone, exterminate the Rogue and rescue the innocent human witch. Once a mission has been sanctioned, there isn't a way to go back.
Fernando was a Council employee and researcher, who stumbled upon a document suggesting a whole other race existed out there somewhere. He was tired of getting laughed at for what he sincerely believed in. No matter what risk laid ahead of him, he would prove his findings real. For his time on earth was ticking.
Daphne is a human witch, kidnapped by the eccentric Fernando. She is scared, trapped in the wilds of Mount Robson, knowing there is danger afoot, and she is at centre of it.
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Thank you Cindy for having me! It was a blast.
Kayden McLeod
Author of Erotica, Romance and Science Fiction


booklover0226 said...

The photos are beautiful!

I enjoyed the book summary and look forward in reading Deep Water Legends.

Tracey D

Kayden McLeod said...

Hey Tracey!!!

Thank you for coming by :)

Happy Monday


Trent Kinsey said...


I too feel at home with nature. Great post and Deep Water Legends was a great story!

Kayden McLeod said...


Thank you :)


Tabitha Shay said...

Wow, Kayden,
With scenery like that, how can one fail to write such wonderful novels and I already know your books are great....Best of luck with your new book....Tabs

Kayden McLeod said...


Thank you so much! It's why I am so addicted to writing scenes in this area...they is just so much to play with!


Dawné Dominique said...

OMG! I've never been to BC, Kayden, but I've always dreamed of going there for a holiday soon. Being a Canadian myself, I sometimes find myself in awe of our country's beauty. My hubby was in BC on business several years ago, and he said the first thing he smelled when he got off the airplane was...cedar! He loved it there. And so have a majority of our friends, who have all moved out west.
Those pictures are simply amazing! I can definitely see how and why they inspired you to write Dark Water Legends.

Love and hugs,

Kayden McLeod said...


Hehehehe you and your husband, have to come out and visit! It would be a blast! Love BC, and yea, there is so much beautiful places to go check out for hiking, etc :)



Jeremiah and Kristin said...

OMGoodness!!!! I dont think I would ever get anything accomplished with surroundings like that! I would want to be out in it all the time. So gorgeous, can definitely see where your inspiration comes from. I am thinking Road Trip, Cindy wanna come? Awesome post :-)

Kayden McLeod said...

Kristin!!!!!!!! Thank you!

Dawne, Cindy and you should come on up! Hehehe...ohhh the trouble we could cause, lol


flchen1 said...

Wow, thanks for sharing those gorgeous photos, Kayden! And I like the sounds of your new book! Is it a stand-alone? Or the start of a new series? :)

Kayden McLeod said...

Hi Flchen!

Deep Water Legends, Scifi, is the introduction into the Foxworth Coven series, which is a five-book, dark paranormal-romance. DWL is present day, but the series will get into how the Hunters, Ceanna and Arcadia Foxworth, and their family became what they are today :)

Cheers, and thank you!