Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Magic of Spring by Faith Bicknell-Brown

Please say hello to my guest Faith Bicknell-Brown! She writes as FL Brown, Zinnia Hope, and J. Emberglass. But no matter the pen name, her work always promises fluid prose, lush descriptions, and a whole lot of wit. Welcome, Faith!

After the long winter with deep snows, numerous snow days from school, and freezing temps with high winds, I’m more than happy to see spring arrive. Daffodils and tulips are blooming or pushing through the ground around this old farm. The crocuses and hyacinths will be spilling their delicious aromas into the air any day now, and all the trees are loaded with deep-red buds.
The one thing I detest about spring nearly as much as I do the frigid temps of winter is the rain. Well, not the rains parse, but the mud it causes. Stomping around in 6 inches of mud, trying to navigate our long graveled—mud—lane, and dealing with mud brought into the house on shoes has me praying for late spring.
I look forward to planting flowers and sowing our vegetable gardens. The strawberry patch awakens and the vines begin to run while the white flowers pop out everywhere. The orioles sing their celebratory songs of rebirth, and I enjoy again sitting outside in the mornings with my cup of black coffee, no sugar.
The field behind our home is a constant source of entertainment. Deer emerge from the woods to graze, large hawks and owls haunt the tree line, and every now and then a black bear, coyote, or fox will appear. As spring marches toward summer, the surrounding farmers begin to cut the first hay crops, so the aroma of freshly cut hay perfumes the air.
The sky here is so blue my eyes ache if I stare up at it too long, and the nights are full of frog song.
Many of these elements are used in Wandering Heart, my short novella debuting April 14th from Deirdre, the heroine, maintains a beautiful garden and heralds the night and its denizens in her own manner as she ponders how to rekindle her husband’s love. The story is romantic, erotic, and full of sinister magic. And if you love interracial romance with a country and fantasy flair, you’ll enjoy Wandering Heart.
What sort of magic does spring bring to you?
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trinity said...

It brings hope and new dreams for me.

Faith said...

Aw, that is so nice, Trin!

mymargee said...

It holds promise of a brighter future. After all the bleak harshnes of winter to see that the even the most delicate of flowers can return, well it just gives me hope. I mean if grass can grow over what was once harden rock then how can I complain when things are tough and all I can see is darkness?


Andrea I said...

It's the new life, trees blooming, daffodils and tulips coming up.
It's also the warm weather.

Faith said...

Excellent observation, Margee. And I'm still waiting on my tulips to bloom, Andrea. I have some that have stripes and swirls in the petals. They're so lovely!

SiNn said...

for me it means rebirth new life the majestic feeling of seeing flowers bloom the smells the sites its all well breath taking Spring also shows that even when things get badtheres always something beautiful to look forward to

Anthology Authors said...

I love the new life of spring, the longer days, the flowers, the feeling that everything is beginning anew.

Just the other day, I was reading the story of Persephone to Aurora. It is very interesting to see how ancient societies explain the changes of seasons. While science has proved otherwise, I find the story of Persephone to be more interesting, if not really romantic.

Beth said...

New life, and the hope of warm sunny days

Faith said...

Seems like everyone has a kinship with the new life theme. I think that boils down to hope.

And Marci, you made another interesting point about spring and that's the longer days. Winter makes me wanna stay in bed longer and go to sleep earlier, lol.