Saturday, March 27, 2010

For Mom Mom by Antonia Tiranth

Today we have author, Antonia Tiranth, and her touching tribute to her recently departed grandmother. May Mom Mom's love of spring--and her love of our Antonia--live on forever. Namaste, Cindy

Spring has arrived! The robins are hoping about in the front yard, flowers are starting to poke their heads up in the gardens, trees are getting little green buds on them, and Rita’s gave away a free Italian ice to every customer. For me though, spring is more than a little bit gloomy. Not because of all the spring rains we’ve been having but because one of the most influential people in my life is gone. Mary “Sis” Edmond, my grandmother, ended her years long battle with illness on St. Patrick’s day.

What exactly does this have to do with spring? Well, for me, spring always meant that my Mom-mom and I would be going to take the dog for a walk or go up to The Avenue, a stretch of Eastern Avenue that several years ago had a department store and an old five & dime. Of course, in recent years, we didn’t do any of that but the memory remains. In addition to my mother and my writing buddy, Mom-mom was the person I was most excited to tell when I heard about the acceptance of my first book. At this point in her life, it was very difficult for her to read so I had plans to read it to her but as with many things, we never found the time. When I found out my books were going audio and told her, the look of pride and excitement on her face was enough to make my heart swell. Unfortunately I won’t get to know what Mom-mom thought of my books but I know she was proud of me. She was even accepting of my erotic novels, something the rest of my family is a bit uneasy about.

Spring will always hold mixed feelings for me now. On one hand, the excitement of the world coming back to life after a long winter and on the other, the memory of our loss. My grandmother, however, loved spring and I will always remember that too, celebrating it in honor of her.

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Dark Diva Reviews said...

Antonia, First off {{{Hugz}}} Losing a loved one is so hard. She sounds like is is and was a strong, delightful lady. You are very lucky to have her in your life.
I am sure even now, she is looking down on you with praise in her eyes, whispering to the other angels, "Psstt, see that one there, No, No not that one. The spicy one over there.. yeah..yeah that one, that one is mine. Such a brilliant author, want to read her book?"



Jambrea said...

(((hug))) It's wonderful that you can celebrate in her honor. Maybe you could plant something for her. :)

It's great that you had such an influence in your life.


lindseye said...

Thank you for sharing your memories. It does get easier but it will never be easy when you think about her. Planting something in her memory sounds like a good idea. Blessings.

Lorrie said...

So tragic to lose someone so dear, someone who understood you and was proud of you.
Her love for you will never pass. Carry it with you always. Know she will be in your heart for the rest of your life.

Jeremiah and Kristin said...

may you see your mom mom in each flutter of butterfly wings, in each lilly that blooms, in each ray of sunshine that kisses your cheeks. Thank you so much for sharing your memories with us and now allowing us to make mom mom a part of our spring. :-)

thanks, cindy, for introducing us to such a special guest :-)

Ginger Simpson said...

I'm so sorry for you loss. Time eases the pain and enhances the memories. She will forever be in your heart and in every newly-bloomed flower. Hugz to you, my friend.

Tabitha Shay said...

I'm sorry for your loss...Losing someone you love is always very difficult anytime...I think your Mom-Mom would want you to continue to love spring and not look upon as a time of sorrow or loss, but perhaps recall all your favorite moments you spent with her. I'm betting there are so many, spring will come and go so quickly,you won't have time to dwell upon your loss or the sadness there in...Hugs...Tabs

Yvonne said...

Antonia, thank you for sharing those memories. I am sorry for your loss. She sounds like a wonderful person. Although it may hurt to remember, keep those memories close to you and celebrate all she did and in some ways keeps on doing in your heart. ((Hugs))

Maria said...

Very nice tribute to your grandmother. It's always hard when we lose a close family member.
I'm sure that it was hard to share but I'm glad that you did so that we can all reflect on the people that have an impact on our lives.

Nancy G said...

First I'm sending massive {{{{{{HUGS}}}}}} to you. I am sorry for your loss. I found out recently that sharing can actually help with the sense of loss. And you will always have your wonderful memories to look back on. I speak as one who has been there myself recently and I promise it will get better.

Antonia said...

Thank you all so much. The hugs and well wishes are much appreciated.