Monday, March 1, 2010

Cover Girl!

Edited by Emmy Ellis, AWH magazine is a collection of wit, wisdom and short fiction from professional authors.

Yours truly has landed a monthly feature. Is Diary of a Reluctant Housewife a tale of domestic bliss? No way! Domestic hilarity? For sure. Check out March's issue...and yep, that's you-know-who on the cover.

Diary of a Reluctant Housewife--March

Jamie Gets a Pet, excerpt:

A prayer escapes my lips as I approach Thunderdome—the foyer closet so named because it's infamous for swallowing footwear—two shoes enter, one shoe leaves. But this will not be the case today because I know I put both of my sneakers in there yesterday after I made the same trip to pick up Jamie. I find the first bright pink cross-trainer easily. Now the dig begins through two giant black boots that belong to Mica and several pairs of boys' Sketchers, most of which Jamie has outgrown. I fling out a pair of red stiletto heels from the last time I stumbled home in a stupor from girls' night out. How long ago was that? Before me lies every shoe on the planet that I don't need and I can't find the one freaking shoe I do need. True, I could wear the heels to the bus stop, but I already feel like passersby look at me funny while I wait all alone on the corner. No need to give them further reason to believe I'm a prostitute. Where is my goddamn shoe?

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