Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Romanticon Days Two, Three and Four

Ahhh, the best laid schemes of mice and exhausted authors often go astray. Yes, I'd planned to blog each day that I was at Romanticon, but the WiFi at the hotel was a little spotty, plus the physical demands of the conference (okay, the hangovers and sore dancing legs, lol) kept me pretty well out of commission. However, I have a fabulous set of photos for y'all. If you missed it this year (and the world doesn't end Dec 21st!) do all you can to get there next year because it is one big, long, sexy party :)

I also did my very first book signing at Rom Con 2012 and that was a blast too. I loved meeting fans and connecting with new readers. I also don't have words to express my gratitude to the wonderful authors I got to see again and the new folks I met. They are all so warm and kind--honestly you can't find a better group of people anywhere. If I miss anyone on this list, please know it's just because I'm probably still a little hungover, but I loved you all:
Desiree Holt, Cerise Deland, Nicole Austin, Allie Standifer, Samantha Cayto, Dalton Diaz, Aline Hunter, Ann Jacobs, Sidney Bristol, Joy from Joyfully Reviewed, the ladies from Two Lips Reviews, Mari CarrM.A. Ellis, Shoshanna Evers, Stacey Kennedy, Karen Booth and Karen Stivali (the Karens!), Sasha Devlin, Laura Kubitz, Kelli Collins, Val Plucinski, Jamitzka and Karolyn, Sara (so thrilled you loved Ravish Me!), Temple (congrats on the new contract!), Cole Reilly (who will always be my Alpha Caveman), Jillian Bell--editor extraordinaire and last, but never, ever, ever least, Regina Carlysle and her lovely daughter, Avery.

Here's just a bit of the wackiness from the past four days:
Ruby Storm's crew
I still don't know how this young lady walked on stilts all night!
Awesome steampunk

Zombie Tiffany Bryan

Owly Images
Jilly killing me! Better get me latest manuscript in NOW, lol

Regina Carlysle, Nicole Austin, Mari Carr

Owly Images
Napo and I...oh my I must've had a drink or two (or eight) by this point, lol

Cindy Jacks


Regina Carlysle said...

Days two three and four all lumped together???? LMAO. I soooo totally get that. I can't tell you how amazing it was to spent time with you, my darling friend! Next year???? I suspect it's a date! :-)7

Cindy Jacks said...

Hell yeah!!! I will be there will bells on. I loved spending time with you and Avery. You are both angels ;) HUGS!