Friday, October 26, 2012

#NewRelease #Print Straight from the Heart

I'm proud to announce my latest release in print: STRAIGHT FROM THE HEART. From the Ellora's Cave LOVE LETTERS theme: Two women find love at their lowest lows. NEW in print. STRAIGHT FROM THE HEART by Cindy Jacks and Regina Cole. The book includes TWO novellas!

Another Man’s Wife By Cindy Jacks
After the real estate market crash, Rebecca’s money has run out—and so has her husband, leaving her alone with their son and a mountain of debt. She moves in with her sister while trying to dig herself out. When a handsome neighbor rescues her from a torrential downpour, she finds herself the object of an attraction too powerful to resist.

Jack is an aspiring writer who has a way with words and a way of making Rebecca moan his name. Each love letter he leaves Rebecca enchants her, each afternoon they spend making love draws her deeper into a relationship she can’t define. But with all her son has been through and a husband who’s missing in action, Rebecca may never be able to give in fully to her passion and desire for Jack, to think of herself as anything other than another man’s wife.

Dear Addi By Regina Cole
When Addison Laine discovers her famous late-aunt’s love letters, she never expects a lawsuit over the information they contain.

Enter Jackson Poole, son of the woman responsible for the lawsuit. Addi knows any relationship with Jackson would be disastrous but she can’t fight her attraction to his quiet intelligence and sexy-professor style.

As Jackson works on authenticating the letters, he finds himself falling for the free-spirited Addi. His fierce need for her overcomes all his reservations—and his inhibitions.

And sweet, exciting Addi is more than willing to help him explore his secret kinky side.

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Cari Lorine said...

Congratulations on the new book, Cindy! It sounds like a great story!