Wednesday, October 17, 2012

My First Book Signing

Yep, I'm still buzzing from Romanticon and what I loved most about it was meeting fans and connecting with new readers. No offense to the Cavemen. Y'all are my second favorite thing about Rom Con :)

Anyhoo, I popped my book signing cherry and I want to thank Aline Hunter and Ann Jacobs for helping me calm my nerves. I couldn't have asked for better table-mates. My worst nightmare going into the event was that no one would stop by my table. Thankfully, that was far from true. I really loved talking about my work with readers and I learned a thing or two:
1. One bottle of water is not enough!
Being nervous, my mouth was drier than usual and for a four hour book signing two or three bottles would've been better. Hey, now I know.
2. Eat before I go.
Again, being nervous I couldn't even think about food before the signing, but four hours past my usual lunch time is a long time to wait for the chance to eat.
3. Bring my wallet.
Not only did I miss out on the opportunity to purchase signed books from author friends, I also had to run up to my hotel room to get the cash to pay for my author copies. Then again, since there were so many goodies to choose from, it might be a good idea I didn't have my credit card with which to run amok.
4. Wear something comfy.
Since this was my first signing, I wanted to wear something author-ly so I chose a dress that required Spanx underneath it. I love Spanx, but they do tend to chew on one's sensitive areas when worn for hours on end.
5. RELAX! All the stress I put myself under prior to the event was totally unnecessary. I was amongst friends there. I especially want to thank my editor Jilly for herding folks my way. Best. Editor. EVAH!

Now that I know what to expect, the next time I intend to sit back, relax and enjoy the ride :)

Cindy Jacks

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