Saturday, December 18, 2010

What Cindy Reads--Mirage by Denyse Bridger

When Kristy signed on to be John Smythe's executive assistant, she never imagined falling in love with the coldly handsome and ruthless CEO. Yet, that's precisely what happened. In Smythe's hands, the company prospered, even if his partner didn't. Wheeler Enterprises is in the middle of a fraud investigation when Douglas Wheeler dies, and his only daughter is all that stands between Smythe and complete control of the Wheeler company. 

When Detective Peter King comes into the picture, and accuses Smythe of more than corporate dirty-dealing, Kristy's life is suddenly a lot more complicated than she wants it to be... 

This book has it ALL--hot, hot love scenes, complex characters (which Ms. Bridger pulls beautifully in this steamy short story), and plenty of twists that kept me guessing. My favorite character has to be John, with his alpha-male, bad boy swagger, he's got this reader crushin' like a school girl!  I also loved Kristy's unwavering belief in John, even though he's accused of some pretty bad stuff. Ms. Bridger did a wonderful job of walking that fine line between loyalty and blind devotion. With perfect pacing and sharp prose, put this one on your TBR list. You won't regret it!


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