Sunday, December 12, 2010


I've heard the misconception on a couple of occasions--a few day ago on CNN being the most recent--that ebooks don't have covers. Granted, they don't have pieces of paper printed with the art, but ebooks most definitely have cover art. I'm rather fond of many of my covers. I've posted my new favorite for LOVE GAME (coming soon to Ellora's Cave):

Art by Ellora's Cave cover artist Dar Albert

In the spirit of putting this erroneous assumption to rest for once and all, I've invited fellow authors to submit their ebook covers and I've got a sexy feast for the eyes in store for y'all all week long. Yes, Virginia, ebooks DO have covers!

Coverama guests:

12/13 - Tess MacKall
12/14 - Shoshanna Evers
12/15 - Cris Anson
12/16 - Eliza Lloyd
12/17 - Lily Harlem


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