Monday, November 15, 2010

Happy Release Day to Christie Butler!

Congrats on your *very first book*! YAY, Christie :)

Blurb: Nicole Wood has a great marriage. Love? Undying. Respect? Mutual. Sex? Amazing. Mostly.

Nicole is a free spirit, willing to try almost anything. She and her husband, famous author Cameron Wood, have an active and diverse sex life—kinky even. Her exhibitionism and his voyeurism are a perfect match. But lately, Cam seems a bit less interested. And his latest request has knocked her for a loop. He wants to watch her have sex with another man. Nicole has to admit she is intrigued and…aroused. But she has reservations. She loves Cam and fears it might damage their relationship.

When Cam’s friend Judson Tate shows up at their mountainside home—all smoldering hunkiness and good looks—Cam seems to be pushing Nicole and Jud together. With Jud is snowed in, her defenses are wearing down. Can she do what her husband wants? Have sex with Judson while Cam watches them? What about what she wants? And where will it all end?


Fresh from her shower, Nicole chose a musky-scented lotion this time. The mountain climate wreaked havoc on her skin, and she felt she was constantly rubbing lotion all over herself. She took great care in blowing her hair dry, ironing it until the long blonde strands were stick-straight. Just how Cam loved it.

After her multi-orgasmic morning, Nicole had spent the afternoon catching up on some reading while Cam tried to write. He was back out in the barn and might be watching her, but Nicole skipped her self-pleasuring ritual. She needed more than that now and she was determined to seduce Cam tonight. No fingers, no mouths, no vibrators—only a big hard cock would do.

Nicole left the bathroom and made her way to the walk-in closet. She tapped her fingers on her chin as she scanned the shelves. What to wear? Nothing too obvious. Of course—her super low-rise skinny jeans that practically showed off the crack of her ass. She’d have to go commando for sure, but that was nothing new.

Nicole pulled them on, shimmying all the while. She examined herself in the mirror. The jeans looked like they were painted on. She turned her back to the mirror and tugged the waistband down slightly until she could see the hint of her crack.

For a top, Nicole chose a cropped V-neck cashmere sweater. It was white and showed a fair amount of cleavage as well as exposing her belly and lower back. The bonus was that when her nipples were erect, the light-colored fine material offered no hiding place. Her sexy voyeur of a husband would go nuts. Maybe she’d be able to make him forget about this other man thing, at least for tonight.

She took a last look in the mirror. Perfect. Watch out, Cameron Wood!

Nicole strolled out of the bedroom and took a quick survey of the house. No Cam. He must still be writing. Huh. Maybe frustration was inspiring him.

In the kitchen, she grabbed a bottle of white wine from the fridge and poured herself a large glass. She was getting ready to take a sip when she heard the doorbell.

As far as she knew, they weren’t expecting anyone. At the door she called out, “Who is it?”

“Judson Tate,” a deep male voice answered.

She recognized the name but couldn’t place it. Then, Oh, Judson Tate. Cam’s editor. She opened the door to find one of the most gorgeous men she’d ever seen in her life. She smiled as she took in the longish dark hair, deep blue eyes, high cheekbones. His face looked like it had been stained with a tan, sparing the area around his eyes. A skier.

She openly ogled the lean form beneath his ski parka. “Can I help you?”

He smiled back, his teeth extra white against his dark skin. “Uh, is Cameron around?”

Nicole saw him checking her out, his eyes definitely pausing for a moment on her chest. She didn’t look down, but her nipples had to be like hard pebbles from the cold air. “Yes, he’s working,” she said, puffing her chest out. She had no shame.

He smiled easily, his eyes flitting back and forth between her face and her breasts. He yanked off a glove and held out his hand. “You must be Nicole. It’s nice to meet you.”

Nicole returned the handshake, wondering why Cam’s editor was knocking on their door, but she was having trouble thinking right now. “I’m sorry. Was Cam expecting you?”

He laughed now. “He didn’t tell you I was coming?”

Nicole sputtered. “Uh, I don’t think…” Then she did remember Cam saying something about his editor stopping by, but she’d forgotten when. “Of course. Yes, yes, he told me.” Nicole slapped her forehead and stepped aside. “I’m so sorry, come in out of the cold and snow.” She caught a whiff of some subtle masculine scent as he passed by her. “Let me take your coat.”

“Thanks.” Judson peeled off his jacket and handed it to her. He also pulled a bottle of wine out of a plain brown sack. “This is for you.”

“Oh, that’s so sweet. Thank you. Come in and sit down.” She led him to the large living area and Judson sat in the leather recliner.

Nicole stood across from him, staring at him. Finally she tore her eyes away and sat.

“Is something wrong?” Judson asked.

“What? No. I mean, uh…yes. You are not like I pictured you.”

“Oh, no? What was I supposed to look like?”

“Well, like an editor. Older, graying, nerdy glasses.”

He grinned. Beautiful white teeth. White teeth and sculpted lips. “I’m so sorry to disappoint.”

“No, no!” Nicole laughed at her sudden vehemence. “No, I’m far from disappointed. I’m sure you’re well aware that you don’t look like a typical book editor.”

Judson frowned. “On behalf of my occupation, I’m going to have to take offense at that.”

“What? No. I didn’t mean…” Her voice trailed as she saw him smile. “You’re teasing me.” What was wrong with her? Relax, Nic.

“It’s nice to finally meet you,” he said. “Cam’s told me so much about you.”

Nicole fidgeted, wondering exactly how detailed her husband had been. She knew that Cam had signed on with Judson Tate two books ago, so they were probably reasonably close. She also knew that Cam liked to brag to his close friends about his habit of “spying” on her. And though she didn’t know for sure, Nicole suspected that Cam kept footage of some of his favorite “sessions”. Cam’s best friend was Max, his agent. A couple of months ago, Nicole had intercepted a text from Max—

Thnx 4 the show. Super hot. U lucky devil!.

Nicole hadn’t confronted Cam about it. In a strange way, she was almost flattered he’d wanted to show it to his good buddy. Max had come out to ski about a week later and he was unusually attentive to her. It had sorta turned her on, thinking he’d watched her masturbate. And so what? Nobody got hurt. She certainly wasn’t.

Nicole smiled brightly. “As you can tell, he’s obviously not told me much about you.”

“Well, we’ll just have to get to know each other better.” Judson winked.

Nicole’s mouth went suddenly dry but she managed to rasp out, “Yes, we will.” She took a sip of her wine. “Oh my goodness. I have no manners. Cam I get you a glass of wine?”

“Sure, thanks.”

Nicole hopped up but he stopped her with a wave of his hand. “And Nicole?” he said.


“Is Cameron here?”

She laughed. “Well, duh. Yes, Cam’s out in the barn. I’ll call him for you, Judson.” Grabbing her cell phone, she dialed on the way to the kitchen.

“Nicole,” he called to her.

She stopped dead in her tracks and looked over her shoulder at him.

“Call me Jud.”

“Okay, Jud.” She added a little extra wiggle to her walk as she left the room.

“Unfuckingbelievable,” Jud muttered to himself. When Cam had first suggested this whole scene to him, Jud had nearly laughed in his face. Jud wasn’t a prude—far from it. It just seemed crazy, him fucking Nicole while Cam watched. Jud had jokingly asked Cam if he was gay, but Cam quickly set him straight. Then he had given him a disc that contained various scenes of Nicole masturbating and Cam fucking her six ways from Sunday. Nicole Wood wasn’t in-your-face gorgeous, but if the video was any indication, she was sex personified. Watching scene after scene, Jud had lost count of her orgasms. And she hadn’t appeared to be faking it.

Cam told Jud that he’d always been a voyeur of sorts, but now it was eating at him. He wanted, no he needed, to see another man fuck Nicole. Cam knew of Jud’s reputation as a ladies’ man and he was sure that Nicole would be attracted to him, that he was the perfect candidate.

When Cam had called him last night, he’d told Jud he was still working on convincing Nicole to cooperate. He thought she was definitely softening and maybe a hunky ski bum-editor would get her juices flowing. Jud chuckled to himself. From what he’d seen, the lady had no trouble in the juicy area.

Then she’d opened the door to him today. Jesus. Nicole had a pretty face, but those tits! They looked high and round and firm, with perpetual nipple erection. He hoped to God they were real and that he’d get a chance to find out. And those fucking jeans! He could see half of her hipbones from the front and definite butt cleavage from behind. She didn’t seem particularly shy about it, either. Cam said she was proud of her body and loved to show it off.

“Here we are.” Nicole handed him a glass of wine.

Their fingers touched on the glass and Jud was surprised the wine didn’t start boiling on the spot. It must have affected Nicole as well, because she quickly snatched back her hand.

She sat on the couch and leaned forward, arms crossed, breasts pushing through the gap in her V-neck sweater. Jud wondered if it was a practiced maneuver or if she was just naturally sexual. Either way, he appreciated the view.

“So where do you live, Jud?” she asked.

He cleared his throat and took a long swallow of wine. “Just outside of Vail.”

“Mmm. Editors must make good money.”

Jud shrugged. “I do a little ski patrol in my spare time.”

Cam came bursting into the house and rushed over to him. “Jud! I’m glad you could make it.”

Jud shook his hand. “I’m afraid your wife wasn’t expecting me.”

Cam whirled to look at Nicole. “What? Honey, I told you last week that Jud was coming.”

“I know, I know. I guess I forgot,” she said.

He turned back to Jud. “Well, you’re here now. And from the looks of the snow, you’ll be staying.”

“Good thing I made reservations at a place in town,” Jud said.

“Aw, bullshit,” Cam said. “You’ll stay here with us. Besides, our road won’t be plowed for a day or two anyway. You’re lucky you made it up here today, even with your SUV. There’s no way I’d let you drive back to town later.”

Jud glanced over at Nicole. “If it’s okay with your lovely wife, then I’ll stay.”

“Of course. It’s fine,” she said. “Absolutely you should stay here.”

Cam rubbed his hands together. “Great, all settled then. Nic, why don’t you thaw out some steaks and we’ll grill for dinner. I’m gonna take Jud out to the barn, show him where the magic happens.”

Nicole and Jud rolled their eyes at each other, laughing.

Out in the barn, Cam asked him, “So, what do you think? Are we gonna make this happen?”

Jud followed as Cam walked over to the video monitors. “I’m ready, willing and able.”

Cam queued up a sequence on the video. “You getting any vibe from her?”

“She’s attracted to me, for sure. I know when a woman is interested.”

Cam tapped on the monitor. “Check it out, new footage from this morning.”

Jud was unable to look away from the sight of a naked Nicole Wood playing with herself. “So what’s the plan?”

“I figure we break her in slowly. I’ll pretend to overindulge and we’ll make the talk at dinner as raw as possible. Dirty talk turns her on.”

Still staring at the screen, Jud asked, “What doesn’t turn her on?”

Cam’s chuckle turned into a long laugh. “So, the evening’s conversation will be verbal foreplay, I’ll be ‘drunk’ and then crash early.”

“And I make my move,” Jud said.

“If it feels right,” Cam replied.

“What if she shuts me down? I don’t want this whole scene to strain my relationship with you.”

“It won’t. She won’t be offended by a pass from you. And remember, if she does shut you down initially, she gets up around midnight or one to have a cup of tea. She has trouble sleeping sometimes.”

“Probably because you aren’t keeping her satisfied,” Jud joked.

Cam looked at him, serious now. “That’s why you’re here, man. I’m trying to change that.”

Jud nodded. “So I meet her for a late-night tea, strip her naked, fuck her senseless, make sure you see it.”

Cam gave him a look. “First of all, she’ll already be naked. Second, I was thinking we could stick with just oral tonight. Third, I will be watching. Then fourth, I’ll fuck her senseless.”


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