Saturday, November 13, 2010

Character Interview with Cyrus, Abigail and Dina from Masquerade

Ada Jericho, Leader to the North Vancouver Coven sits on her patio by the pool, sipping a cup of tea. She looks over her property, wondering about the night before. Her sons, Ian, Cole and Adrian know next to nothing concerning what happened after the Masquerade Gala, which certainly isn’t enough to satisfy her rightful curiosity. Soon enough the Armstrongs, the wolf-pack from Alberta, would come to see what had transpired here. They had come to British Columbia after Ada’s friend: Abigail, the lone-wolf who claimed this area as her territory.


Cyrus Jericho, Abigail Webber and Dina Sergeyev walk out of the mansion in silence, seeing Ada sitting there. They knew well enough the grilling they were about to receive. Only one of the three newcomers had any reason to answer to Ada Jericho, but out of respect, the other two had come at her bidding, and would do their best to give what she wanted.

They sit down across from her at the small bistro table, accepting additional cups of teas. They ignored the plate of assorted baked goods sitting at the centre, awaiting them.


Ada: You know why I called you here so early. Let’s skip the pleasantries, shall we?

Dina: Fair enough.

Ada: What do you have to tell me?

Cyrus: What do you want to know?

Ada: Everything that happened when you left the gala last night. Many rumors and speculations have already begun to fly around, by people who have no reason to know anything. I need to discern this situation so I know how to quell them, before it gets out of control.

Cyrus: *Nods his head, knowing he won’t easily get out of this one.* After the kidnapping, we intercepted the Armstrongs in Capilano Cemetery in a very final way. Dina and I made sure they would never harm this Coven or its associates ever again.

Ada: *Sighs with exasperation.* How are you so sure the Armstrong pack Alpha isn’t going to follow through after dispatching so many of his wolves who never returned—especially his own son? This could cause a huge backlash, unlike anything we have ever dealt with before. It isn’t often wolf and vampire business collides. They won’t trust anything we have to say, not that I would either, in their place.

Dina: Please, do not worry about such a thing, Ada. I promise we cleaned up after ourselves—to the point that even if they do come, there is nothing, anywhere to find. And if they dare to persist, I will it take quite personally. I will do everything within my power—and we both know that is very considerable—to eradicate their existence from your life.

Abigail: You know I would never allow anything from my world to intrude on yours. *Growls.* This is my problem—I caused it and will take full responsibility for it.

Ada: Abby, my dear, nothing has changed. I will still protect you now, as I did when Sabern and gang showed up the first time. You are not capable of coming up against an entire pack of wolves, diminished now as they be. The Armstrongs had no right to come after you, and you should never face it alone.

Abigail: I understand, really I do. But I have been taking care of myself for a very long time now—before I came here and asked you for a place to call my own. I have always fought back the wolves who dared think they owned me or anything I call mine. Not to mention, never has a werewolf come to Vancouver, and kept their life. I have always slaughtered them like the pigheaded animals they are. They deserve to be back in the dark-ages like they belong.

Dina: *She sputters in laughter, eyes cutting to Cyrus.* Some of us never could leave that era behind us.

Cyrus: *Levels Abigail with a peeved glare, ignoring Dina.* I completely agree that Abigail needs to have someone at her back. Nothing will get past Dina and I. We can handle it.

Ada: It better not. We should have at least tried to keep the peace, before taking such drastic measures.

Dina: You know damned well why we didn’t. Sabern had too much knowledge that helped none of us. Perhaps it was stupid to give him our real identities in the first place, but we needed to take them by surprise. Cyrus and I had hoped it would be enough for them to back off—and hadn’t thought through the repercussions of that action until it was too late. After that, we very well couldn’t let them go.

Ada: You could’ve wiped their memories clean. They are nearly resistant to a vampire’s magic—but yours…

Abigail: *Laughs.” They would never have stood a chance against Dina. *Abigail sobers.* But Ada, we will be fine.

Ada: I know we will be, in the end. It is just a matter of what it takes to get there. You’re not going to tell me how you managed to silence Sabern, are you?

Cyrus: No, and you really don’t want to know.

Ada: Did you break conciliate law?

Dina: Several of them, repeatedly. Your Council would be none-too-happy with us.

Ada: Great. Just great.

Cyrus: *Replies in a softer voice.* You know not even they can’t touch me.

Ada: Cyr, you still belong to my Coven, unofficial as it may be. But, if push comes to shove, you’re right. There isn’t anything they can do. There were many councilmen at the Halloween Gala, and they knew something went down and want the anticipated report ASAP.

Abigail: And what are you going to tell them?

Ada: *Smiles wickedly.* Lie through my teeth—as usual. All in the day of a being a Leader with political pull.

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