Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Happy Read an eBook Week!

To celebrate Read an eBook Week and the growth of our industry (eBooks rule!), I'm holding a contest. The winner receives $10 in gift certificates, $5 for Freya's Bower and $5 for Lyrical Press! The contest will run all week. The most creative response to this question wins: What's the best thing about eBooks?

I can't wait to see what y'all have to say!


Babyblue22 said...

To me eBooks are a definite clutter buster and proabably a life saver. I read so much that if all of my books were paperback I'd end up sleeping with mountains of books stacked around my bed, and I'd be Having constant nightmares about being killed in a book avalanche.

Kytaira said...

For me the best thing is also being able to reduce the amount of books. Right now I own 6,729 paperbacks. I have a large garage thankfully. I have two walls lined with book shelves from top to bottom. That's not counting the bookshelf next to the bed. Or the boxes under the bed. Or the boxes in the closet. I've run out of room unless I take over the barn. Oh, Sorry, I already put some boxes in there as well!

Actually, the sheer visible volume brings up another advantage to ebooks. The husband can't see ebooks! I've tried ordering books but the darn UPS guy set the box inside of my fenced yard and the dogs chewed them up. They're really visible spread across my yard! So Ellora's Cave replaced them. UPS man did the same thing and... so did the dogs. Sounds like a bad homework story - The dogs ate my books! Now I just sneek them home in my lunch cooler. Once they are in the house he won't notice. What's the difference between 6,700 and 6,800?

Lack of visibility is an advantage in one more way. No more covers for people to check out as you are reading in public. Or around the in-laws. Of course since they helped us move I think the jig was up after they moved the first thousand books.