Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Available today!

I'm proud to announce two new releases today. They're both bite-sized bits of action packed fiction.

The Wedding Feast is my first horror short story written as CJ Elliott. Buy it today at Wild Child Publishing
On the heels of unbearable personal tragedy, Chloe escapes to the peace of a family cabin in rural Kentucky. When her car breaks down in the middle of nowhere with no cell service, she's forced to go against her better judgment and accept a ride from a stranger.

Shade is tall, darkly handsome, and taciturn. He takes her to his cabin in the woods to use his phone, where he introduces her to his gaggle of motherless children. Due to circumstances beyond anyone's control, Chloe's visit stretches on and more mysteries about Shade and the children crop up. Can Chloe make it back to civilization and safety before this family's deadly secret engulfs her?

Another first for me, this BDSM story just might melt your hard drive! Buy it now at Freya's Bower.
Fiona Wilder's name didn't fit her at all...until she met Marcelo. Introducing her to a world of sexual play--limited only by their imaginations--he unlocks Fiona's wildest fantasies.

Book One: Master and Servant: Fiona becomes Marcelo's protégé, discovering the power that comes from submission.

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