Monday, April 6, 2009

The Bread Dough Diaries--Epiphany #1

Today I thought I'd share with you a new blog series I'm working on called The Bread Dough Diaries. With the help of a couple insightful friends (Thank you, Kensi and Muriel!), I realized that cooking and baking are integral to my writing process. Now, before you accuse me of cat-vacuuming--and believe me, I can cat-vacuum with the best of them--my culinary endeavors give me much needed meditation time. I have the best ideas when I'm away from the laptop with my hands covered in flour while I knead like a mad woman. Yesterday was no exception.

I've been struggling a bit to complete the plot outline for the second book in the Clean series, titled Devil in the Details. But yesterday, as I worked the gluten in what would become a five grain loaf, I had that gorgeous 'Eureka!' moment. It turns out that Boris took a blood-stained handkerchief from the target of a hit because.....y'all didn't think I was really gonna blurt out a spoiler like that, did you? Ouch, ouch! Stop flogging me! Sorry, I'm a story tease, I can't help it! Want to know more about the Clean series? Drop by CJ Elliott's website. There are some blurb-a-licious excerpts and even a sample chapter from the first book!

Viva the Bread Dough Diaries. Check 'em out each Monday on my blogs to find out what CJ and I are up to for the week!

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