Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Help! Cyborg poop dilemma. #WrittenMyselfIntoACorner #StrangeWritingIssue

Yes, I said cyborg poop. Stop laughing...I'm serious.

Here's situation:

I'm doing an erotic gothic horror retelling of Frankenstein, set in the future using a cyborgnetic body instead of pieced together corpses. The main character is Dr. Stine. Her husband was in a rock climbing accident and has such severe brain trauma that even with all the advances in science, he's in a vegetative state. The hospital is pressuring to her pull the plug because they've reached the time limit indicated in her husband's living will. Dr. Stine decides to regrow her husband's brain, program it with all his memories (which she can do), and place it in her cyborgnetic project's body.

Here's the problem:

If she does not alter the cyborg to looks like him and she tells him what she's done, there are all sorts of psychological issues that would plague him. I did some research on current day face transplants, limb transplants, etc. It's nearly impossible for someone to process this type of change very well so I'm thinking a whole new body would be exponentially more traumatic. There's no way then to get to the romance, sexy, sexy part.

If she does alter the cyborg to be an exact replica of her hubby and doesn't tell him what she's done, then there's the whole eating, drinking, eliminating waste issue. If hubs doesn't know he's a cyborg, he would expect to get hungry, eat a few times a day, get thirsty, go pee a few times a day, poop once in a while, LOL.

I'm leaning toward the exact replica route, but if the project originated as research for the military, there's no reason to have a fully functioning digestive or even sexual system. I've figured out the sexual part of it (other research she did for cyborgnetic genitalia for sexual dysfunction, damaged sexual organs, etc). But why in the world would she need to make a cyborg poop?

And yes, I have taken all my medications for the day...why do you ask? Any and all suggestions are much appreciated. Man, sci-fi is hard to write. I'm going to work on my next contemporary erotic romance today. Sex and love I understand :)



Denysé Bridger said...

You're too funny - I emailed you again with some ramblings...

Love, D

Cindy Jacks said...

Thanks for the suggestions, Denyse. LOVE YA!

April Nichols said...

What is his fuel? Maybe Dr. Stine can manipulate the memories to leave out the need for food/drink/waste elimination. His body doesn't need it, so his mind doesn't process it for himself even though he acknowledges the need for others.

Jessica Mahler said...

Camoflouge! If she started for military purposes, maybe the cyborg would have needed to infiltrate. Which means it might need to eat, in order to not stand out. Which means it would need to get rid of whatever it ate. Cyborg poop!

(The blogger "Please prove you're not a robot" line is tolerably amusing at the moment.)

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