Wednesday, October 23, 2013

What Cindy Reads: TAKING THE GARDNER by T.J. Masters #M/M #Erotica

**There are a few minor spoilers in this review**

What drew me to this book other than the delicious cover and the BDSM theme (which you all know I enjoy), is that it is a M/M story actually written by a man.


Mourning the sudden loss of his parents in a car crash, experienced Dom Eric Broderick escapes London society and his high-pressure law firm and retreats to Glebe House in Pittlesburne, a small village in Buckinghamshire. He tours the nearby woods and the charming village, but it’s really the guesthouse’s garden he’s taken with—or, rather, the gardener.

Tom Bestwick maintains the grounds of Glebe House for his fiancée and does odd jobs around the village. With little experience outside Pittlesburne, Tom finds fulfillment through his true passions, rugby and art. He has just one unrealized desire—one the guesthouse’s new occupant would be happy to help him with.

Late one night, while walking through the garden to clear his mood, Eric spies Tom enjoying a BDSM video starring two men. Having a sub to train might just help Eric forget his troubles, but as their feelings deepen, the real world intrudes. Eric can give Tom everything, but not until Tom decides where he’s meant to be.


For readers who are put off by stories about infidelity, this is not the tale for you. Personally, I'm okay with it. 1. It's fiction. No fiancées were actually betrayed in the making of this novel. 2. Infidelity is part of life. It happens like that sometimes. Not saying it should, but it does.

TJ Masters's writing style is fluid and natural. I very much enjoyed his voice though I would've liked the pace of the story to move along a little more quickly during the first third of the book, but once it got got GOING. The sex scenes are smoking hot. There's a lot of variety, showcasing the BDSM lifestyle without getting lost in it. I enjoyed that though Eric is a Dom and one of a certain amount of notoriety, he is also human, allowing tenderness and vulnerability to shine through. Sometimes Eric's reactions are inconsistent with what one would expect of a Dom, but I thought it gave the character depth. Real people are inconsistent.

Masters did a wonderful job showing the heart-wrenching dilemma that Tom finds himself in and the fear and excitement of crossing some very daunting sexual boundaries. Megan's reaction in the end is also portrayed with a great deal of maturity. All in all, I very much enjoyed this book. If you're looking to put some M/M or BDSM heat in your week, pick this one up today. I'm looking forward to reading more work by TJ Masters.

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