Wednesday, December 19, 2012

All Wrapped Up by Jacqueline George

Please welcome back Jacqueline George and her wonderful, sexy gift ideas for your man. Take it away, Jacqueline! ~Cindy
All Wrapped Up

What to get him for Christmas? Men are just so difficult... Sure, you could buy him something for his hobby, whatever he does in his spare time, but even that is difficult. Most male hobbies are so obtuse that whatever you buy won’t fit, is out of date, totally wrong for the way he does things or whatever. That means you resort to asking him what he wants (a cop out) or buy him a gift card from his favourite store (another cop out).
What you want to get him is something that he will definitely remember, and he will definitely remember that you gave it to him. I’m guessing that you (like me) are not gifted enough to paint his portrait or write a sonnet for him. So what can you do? Imagine yourself sitting by the sea in the year 2050, holding hands, and he says ‘Do you remember that Christmas when you...’ Now, that’s the sort of present you are looking for.
Actually, you will be surprised how easy it is. What do men like most, even more than beer and football? Answer: sex. See - I told you it was easy. All you have to do is serve up something new and sexy, and it will be his best present of the year. And it will be coming only from you.
Of course, you will have to think carefully about this, but all the sexiest women are smart about what they are doing with their men. What you definitely do not want is to ‘give’ him something you don’t like doing yourself. Like promising, just because it’s Christmas, to give him a blow job all the way and not pull faces afterwards. That’s cold!
No - what you are looking for is something he would not get normally, but that you can enjoy as well. Wait a minute - isn’t that like buying a box of chocolates and eating half of them yourself? Of course not; he will be enjoying whatever you plan exactly because you are enjoying it too.
So let’s be specific. Does he like you to dress in outrageous clothes? Good. Buy some outrageous things and wear them when you take him out for dinner. Do you really understand how he will feel when you sit opposite him with a cleavage all the way down to here and no knickers? I suspect you don’t, so give it a try and you will be surprised.
Buy him an erotic DVD. There is a lot of awful porn out there, but nowadays there are some more intelligent films around. If you don’t know where to start looking, check out Curling up on the sofa together and watching some classy erotica is a great way to impress him.
Do you have strip joints in your town? Good - take him out to one. Swallow your nervousness and enjoy yourself when you get there. It might not be a very classy way to spend an evening but, with you beside him, it will be an experience to remember.
Does he like toys? Buy him a toy, BUT don’t buy a male toy. Why would you do that? Do you want him to go off for some solitary pleasure with his new vibrating plastic vagina? Of course you don’t, and he doesn’t want that either. What he would really, really like is a toy he can use on you. He wants to make you climb the walls in ecstasy, and that’s not such a bad prospect for you either. The fact that you gave it to him wrapped up in Christmas paper will make it all the more sexy.

Look at this - I have managed to write this far and I haven’t mentioned the word ‘relationship’. Of course, your relationship is what this is all about. A strong, lasting connection with your man just has to include sex. It’s the way we are made; it’s what couples do. Perhaps when you are 110 you can stop thinking about it, but until then love him in all the ways you can.


Jacqueline lives in Far North Queensland, on the shore of the Coral Sea. She keeps herself busy with her cats and garden, and by writing books - some of which are far too naughty for her own good. You can find out more about Jacqueline and her books at


Jess @UsedYorkCity said...

Loving all these creative tips! I'm definitely going to have to test one out for the holidays...;-)

Have a fabulous Christmas! xx

Jacqueline said...

Do tell us what you did, and how much fun it was. We want all the lurid details, of course.

Happy Christmas to you and everyone. We are having an open house on our verandah, for our friends to visit. Temperatures expected to be 85-90 fahrenheit. Do drop by...

fiona maclean said...

now if I could have some tips on how to find a man...!

Jacqueline said...

Fiona, speaking seriously for a moment...

There is NO reason you should not have a man, so make yourself a New Year's resolution that you are going to a)look and think like an attractive woman, and b) you are going to do it in places where interesting single people of your target gather. Join club you like, a choir, horse sports, Hash House Harriers (look that last one up).

Don't go desperately seeking, just be yourself in the right place, and some-one will turn up - trust me. I don't plug my books on Cindy's site, but I did write a successful Howto book on men and how to handle them - that might help. Email me and I'll send you one as a Christmas present.