Tuesday, September 25, 2012

How to train your Dragon software--step one

Hi my name is Hiccup and I'm a viking...oh wait. Not that kind Dragon training, lol. For my birthday my mother got me the Dragon speak naturally software. I was so excited because it seems like these days I have plenty to do and not enough time to do it so I thought while I'm working out or cleaning the kitchen Dragon would be a great tool to help me get some writing done. Thus far it has not proven so. Granted, I composing this blog entry while making blueberry muffins, however, I've discovered my writing style for fiction is very different from my speaking style. Also while composing that last sentence I had to correct the Dragon software several times. Instead of the phrase "for fiction" I got the words:  "protection",  "perfection" and another phrase "from fiction". Very frustrating. I also have to speak the punctuation marks though I have it set to intuitively insert punctuation. I'm told that this thing will learn my speaking style the more I use it and maybe it will. Perhaps there's a learning curve for both me and my Dragon software. I will keep experimenting with it and let everyone know how those experiments go but thus far there's no way in heck (it also doesn't know bad words, but I assure you it will very soon) I can fathom writing a full manuscript this way, however I shall reserved judgment until I am a little better at using this device.

Does anyone else out there own Dragon software and if so do you find it useful for writing a book? Is it something you had to practice doing to get good at or is it maybe I'm just so in the habit of typing that this seems awkward to me? Wish me luck as I try to train my dragon.

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