Tuesday, December 6, 2011

December's Hot Pick

December's Hot Pick--Justin Timberlake

Hi, my name is Cindy and I'm a closet Justin Timberlake fan. (Hi, Cindy).

Okay, so I said it. I'm hurtling toward forty and I like Justin Timberlake. I like his music (the solo stuff), I like his swagger and I love his sense of humor. His smoking body doesn't hurt either, but really I started to like him when he appeared on SNL as a giant breast implant. (Bring it on down to Plasticville). No, I wasn't fond of NSYNC--at the time I was too old for the boy band mania--but now that JT has hit the big three-oh, he's looking oh so good. He must be like fine wine, getting better with age. He's also shown himself to be a truly funny and charming actor with a self-deprecating sense of humor I can't resist. He stole the show in FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS. Yes, I was watching movies yesterday instead of writing. But like I said on FB yesterday, I blame Justin. He's just too damn yummy. And that's why my hot pick for December is Mr. Timberlake.

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