Monday, September 20, 2010

Virtual Book Tour--Blue Light Special by Mysti Holiday

Welcome my guest today, Mysti Holiday. She's talking about why men in uniform are so damn sexy and sharing her book, Blue Light Special with us. Take it away, Mysti.

She Thinks My Uniform Is Sexy

by Mysti Holiday

What is it about cops (or pretty much any man in uniform) that makes a woman swoon? Do they make us feel feminine and protected? Is it all those alpha male pheromones that just come off them in waves? There’s even a page on Facebook called “Police officers are so SEXY!!!

The hero in my short story, “Blue Light Special” is a cop. Karin, the heroine, calls him a walking wet dream and she wants him physically, from the moment they meet.

Why a cop? I’ll be honest ... I’d read a short erotic story some time ago where one of the heroes is a cop (yes, it was a ménage :::fans self:::) and, although that story didn’t have him pulling anyone over and getting .. hmmm.... physical, it really put my imagination into overdrive. Deserted street. Man in uniform. Woman in micro-mini ... oh, the possibilities were endless.

Blue Light Special” started out as a thousand word story for a site that published flash fiction erotic romance, and all it was (then) was a sex scene. But, I fell in love with my hero, and decided to flesh it out and make it a real story with conflict, more sex (of course!) and a happy ever after (though technically, this one has a “HFN” – Happy For Now).

My cop doesn’t do a lot of cop stuff, so it didn’t take a lot of research. Mostly I just wanted him to have that air of authority, that confidence, that strut and smirk and arrogance that I envision the real alpha cops having.

I know, not all cops are like that. But for a girl who grew up with the TV show CHiPs’ smug, arrogant, confident and suave Eric Estrada as a stereotype, what else would be expected of me? Men in uniform, whether they are policemen, firemen, military or others, make me want to lick my lips and take a big, juicy bite.

So, let me ask you something? Men in uniform – yes or no? Do they get you hot or leave you cold? Why or why not?


When Karin Lattimer moves across the country and her over-

protective brother asks his friend Caleb Hawkes to keep an eye on her, she’s more than annoyed…she’s turned on. The attentive cop is a walking wet dream, but Karin knows he’s only hanging around out of a sense of duty. Acting on her crazy attraction would reveal more than the man’s buff body—it would also reveal her heart.

Caleb is well aware that Karin is all woman. He can’t keep his eyes off her and his hands itch to touch her. But she’s not one-night-stand material, and he firmly believes cops make lousy partners for long-term relationships.

Still, thinking clearly isn’t a top priority when Karin and Caleb finally touch. Sparks fly and barriers melt away as easily as their inhibitions, but can she convince him there's more to life than playing it safe?


Caleb grinned and tapped his watch. “Time for last call.”

Who died and made you my boss?” Karin sauntered to the other end of the bar, purposely adding a little more swing than usual to her hips as she walked away, sure in the knowledge his gaze was locked on her ass. So what if he was a jerk who was “babysitting” her as a favor to her brother. Just because she was miles away from her home town in Missouri didn’t mean she needed a keeper. No matter why he was there, fact was he stirred her up in the worst way and she didn’t figure it was right she should be the only one feeling all het up.

Hey, baby!” The shout was followed by a fair number of cat calls from the pile of barely legal boys hanging on the far end of the bar.

Karin turned and smiled at them, then took three slow steps to where they stood.

The name’s Karin, honey. Not Baby.” She knew exactly how to piss off Caleb and took great pleasure in leaning over the bar, her breasts all but falling out of her low cut tank. She made eye contact with the boy closest to her, walked her fingertips up his chest, and ended with a tweak of his cheek with her perfectly manicured nails. “But, with the right incentive, I’ll answer to just about anything.” She purred the words and touched the tip of her tongue to her upper lip. She’d need to give the boy a napkin for his drool pretty soon, but hell, the tips should be good.

When he didn’t say anything else, she shook her head. “Last call, boys. Can I get you one final drink?” She trailed a finger down her throat to the V-neck of her shirt before she continued. “A Slippery Nipple, maybe? A Piece of Ass or a Bald Pussy?” She licked her lips again and kept them parted, warm and moist, for a heartbeat before continuing. “Or, my personal favorite—a Sloe...Comfortable...Screw?”

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Becky said...

Karin's such a bad ass. I love how she keeps teasing Caleb and trying to get him riled up. Thanks for the excerpt Mysti.

Mysti Holiday said...

LOL.. thanks, Becky! She does love to tease!

Andrea I said...

Thanks for the excerpt. I think cops can be HoT!

blackroze37 AT said...

loveeee eric on chips. WHEW hot.
its really depends on the man, more than the uniform, a man with a great body, olalala in a uniform

Mysti Holiday said...

It's true that a hot guy is a hot guy ... but put a hot guy in a uniform, and it cranks it up to blazing! LOL...

Thanks for stopping by :-)