Saturday, July 26, 2008

No Woman Is an Island

Yesterday I received 340 hits to my website. That's right, 340. I was thrilled to say the least since it's 100x what I usually receive in one day. When I checked out the referring sources, I was pleasantly surprised to find out that many of my author friends have a link on their site to mine. I, of course, return the favor. And this got me to thinking....The more I help out my fellow authors, the more I help myself. How cool is that? I love hanging out and chatting with other writers about their books and I get free promo to boot. Sweet!

As a matter of fact, a spirit of comraderie is moving through the folks at Lyrical Press and I have to say it makes this chica smile. Today on the staff loop there were offers of trading banner links, providing moral support for each other at chats and cross-posts on each other's blogs. Blog? Doh! *Cindy smacks her forehand with palm of hand.* I realized I've been terribly remiss when it come to blogging. But here's the best part. If I schedule guest bloggers from my pool of author friends and provide entries on their blogs, I go from sole maintenance of a weblog and the struggles that come with it to a wealth of material and POVs I can share with the world. Again I ask, how cool is that?

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