Friday, January 3, 2014

Heat up in sunny Hawaii with TROUBLE IN PARADISE #erotica #eroticromance

Meeting and marrying in one of the most romantic places on earth, Clarissa and Mika seem to have it all—promising careers, plans for the future and passion that burns bright enough for everyone to see. But all is not as it seems.

Family is central to Mika, and he’s ready to start a brood of his own with the woman he loves. A haole from the Mainland and from a broken home, Clarissa isn’t as eager to jump into parenthood. When Mika’s hunky cousin Sione declares he’s always had feelings for Clarissa, crystal-blue waters turn cloudy and stormy.

Drawn to Sione and his rebel-without-a-pause ways, Clarissa struggles with her love for Mika and her desire for freedom. Mika sets her aflame, body and heart, but Sione seems to see into her soul. Unless Clarissa and Mika can find a way to bridge the divide, it’s trouble in paradise for both of them.


Idyllic in many ways, the perpetual sunshine and cooling breezes of the Hawaiian Islands kept the temperature in the low to mid-eighties year round. In the foundry, however, the warm weather made the suede insulated safety gear damn near unbearable.

Clarissa trotted down the concrete stairwell to the sculpture courtyard in time to watch Sione strip off his leather jacket and apron. His white undershirt clung to the ripples of his muscular chest and abdomen. Like that male model in a diet soda commercial, he grabbed the water hose and turned it on himself, wetting his head and neck.

Clarissa looked skyward. Why, God, why?

Rivulets of water ran down his dark skin, his hair forming loose curls around his face. He unhitched his overalls and let them fall around his waist. Working the pants over his boots, he revealed a pair of shorts underneath. Next the shirt came off, exposing part of Sione’s tattoos, which were similar to Mika’s.

Again he soaked himself with the hose. His dark nipples drew into tight buds, making it known that the water indeed had cooled him.

“Kala,” he called to her. “Come look.”

She jogged the rest of the way down the stairs, trying to ignore her throbbing pussy. After he ducked into his studio to grab a towel and a fresh t-shirt, he led her to the foundry. Lying to cool on a workbench in all its glory was a sword like those carried by samurai in feudal Japan. Though it had not yet been sharpened or polished, the elegant curve of the blade was already apparent.

“It’s gorgeous. Did you forge this yourself?”

“Shige helped some with the folds, but yeah, it’s coming along.”

“Hell yeah. It’s incredible. Hey, could you make one for Mika’s birthday? I’ll pay you, of course.”

His gaze wandered over her, but he seemed to bite back his initial response. “Nah. Since you’re family, I’ll let you have this one after my thesis exhibit.”

“Sounds like a deal. We’ll swap for it. You can have anything of mine you want.”

“Can I really?” Again with the expressive eyes.

She shuffled off in the direction of her office and called over her shoulder, “Art. I meant any of my art you want.”

Sione chuckled, clearly pleased with himself.

Why did he have to flirt like that? She knew he meant nothing by it. He flirted with everything with boobs, but still, it made her current predicament that much harder to bear. And just where this unbridled attraction to Sione had come from remained a mystery.

Yes, she’d always thought Sione was a handsome guy, but since she’d fallen for Mika, she couldn’t think of any other man. Not in that way. But for months now her attraction to Sione had been building and it was downright disgusting. She felt so ashamed.

“What the fuck is wrong with you?” she asked herself for the second time that day.
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