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A Courtroom Drama

Picture me a few years ago (mmh - make that a few more as well). I had recently completed my first book and was very proud of it. A charming story, based on Treasure Island. It was romantic, colourful, and Long John Silver had a chance to develop and turn into a properly three dimensional character. Everyone would want to read it.
Except they didn’t. I started on the dreary job of writing to agents and you really, really don’t want to hear about that. One positive thing came from the process - an agent wrote that the language in the book was a little difficult for children.
Children? What was he talking about? I had laboured to produce a great literary romance, and he thought I was writing for kids? Right then I decided no-one would ever mistake my second book for a kid’s story, and sat down to write Foreign Affairs. It was a lot of fun to write. It is the story of a book on trial, a courtroom drama, if you like. The book being prosecuted is a collection of very spicy stories of romance and sex, set in exotic locations around the world. The characters behaved romantically just anywhere, and that is where they had sex too.
How shocking, but it launched my career as a writer of less-than-respectable books, and I never looked back. I have just released the third edition of the story (nearly all the typos have been eliminated now!) and here is a snippet to give you some of the flavour:
 Priscilla has the task of prosecuting the book Foreign Affairs by John Trehearne, before a Tribunal. It is an explicitly erotic book, and she should have no trouble nailing it down and getting it removed from the bookstores. However, things have been proving more difficult than she expected, partly much of the book may have been true. Now she is having trouble with one of the Tribunal members.
The Burdens of being a Prosecutor
 Priscilla entered the cinema by the stage door and asked the janitor to give her a dressing room while she waited for Susan. She turned on the lights around the mirror and freshened her make-up and hair. Susan arrived with ten minutes to spare and was shown straight in to her. It surprised Priscilla to see a different woman enter. She wore a cheeky summer frock with a halter neck. Her blonde hair was down and half hid large gold earrings, but the biggest change was in her aura. She bounced into the room with a smile on her face and a swing to her hips that made her look ten years younger.
 “Susan! What happened? You do look nice!”
She blushed. “Oh, nothing really. It's just that it's Monday, and I decided that I wouldn't let this hearing make me feel miserable anymore. Why did you want to see me?”
“Susan, I don't know how to put this. I've been told you had a private meeting with Trehearne on Friday.”
Susan was shocked and immediately defensive. “How did you know?”
“That doesn't matter. It's just that Board members are not supposed to have private meetings with applicants. People could get the wrong idea. Now I need to know what passed between you.” “But it was private! I can't talk about it. It wasn't anything to do with the hearing, anyway.”
“Susan, you've got to help me. We both work for the Authority and you're meant to support me. I can't go out there this morning knowing that one of the Board members has been talking with Trehearne behind my back. Please tell me about it. Don't worry. I won't repeat it. It's much better that you tell me now rather than out on the stage.”
“You wouldn't! I mean, it would be so awful—in front of everyone.”
“I would, Susan. It's my job to win this case, and that's what I'm going to do. Come on, tell me and I promise it won't go any further.”
Suddenly Susan's face crumpled and she slumped into the chair beside Priscilla and began to cry. Priscilla was guilt-stricken, but she would not give in now. She put an arm around Susan's shoulders and whispered, “Come on, you can tell me.”
“It's just those stories. They were so exciting. I was going home and taking off my panties as soon as I got in because I'd been wet all day. I was forcing my husband to make love to me then and again later in bed. It was so embarrassing. The… the story about him sticking it up that black girl's bottom. My husband's touched me there a couple of times and it was so exciting. I felt awful. I thought I must be sick, thinking about sex like that. I wanted to rush home that morning and do it right there and then. Except I couldn't, and my husband was working anyway. So after it had all finished, I asked John to speak with me privately.”
Priscilla felt sick. “He didn't do that to you....”
“Don't be silly! I just wanted to ask him why I felt like that. He was ever so sweet. I was crying, and he gave me his handkerchief. He said the best medicine was to run home and get my husband to do anything I wanted. He just laughed at me and sent me home, and he was right. I feel much better now.”
“You mean your husband...?”
Susan looked defiantly at her through her tears. “Yes. That's right. He made love to me in my bottom and I liked it. And I like John. I think he's very kind. There, now I suppose you think I'm a pervert as well.”
“No—no. I don't. I mean, I suppose that's your business.” She felt suddenly light-hearted that it had not been Trehearne who had satisfied her need. “I think I like John as well. He's not as bad as his book makes him out to be. Quick, come and sit here and do your make-up. You were looking so pretty earlier, and I made you cry. I'm so sorry.”
A Greek beach where lovers can relax
Priscilla left her with a cuddle and a kiss on the cheek and went up on stage. Trehearne was already there and greeted her with an official bow and a smile. Valerie eventually came in but did not take her seat straight away. Instead she crossed the stage to Priscilla's desk.
“Morning, Priscilla. I've got a bit of a surprise for you today. Sorry there wasn't time to warn you about it. I don't know what it will do to your argument about the last story though.” She walked back to her place without saying any more. The Major looked keen to get on with things. Priscilla wondered whether the Major's husband had finally released their copy of the book. Susan had recovered herself and was looking very pretty again. She gave Priscilla a conspiratorial smile and wiggled her bottom in her seat.
On the point of ten o'clock, and in spite of the people in the audience who were still trying to buy a last ice-cream or packet of nuts, Valerie began. “Good morning, everybody. Before we resume discussion about the last story, I have an announcement to make. On Friday evening I had a telephone call from a woman in South Africa who claimed to be the original for the character Pat.”
 There was an immediate uproar in the audience. Priscilla was stunned. She shot a glance at Trehearne and saw that he, too, looked surprised, and then he grinned knowingly and nodded at her.
“Quiet, please. Quiet!” called Valerie. “This woman said that she had not read the book, but gave some details that certainly seemed to me to be authentic. Since then, she has made a sworn statement before a Public Notary and had it sent by air-courier to the Authority. I have it here, but will not make it a matter of public record as it contains the woman's real name. I can read out the body of the accompanying letter, however. It says, after the address and so on, ‘I would like to confirm that the incident described in the book Foreign Affairs 1, when a woman was raped by three tribesmen in Papua New Guinea, actually happened to me. The description is quite accurate as to what happened, and my feelings at the time.
‘In view of the public discussion of the issue, I think it is important to understand what happened. Of course rape is wrong, and I did not set out to give the men any encouragement. But I can quite understand how, with their cultural background, seeing me nude and bent over the front of the jeep was as good as a written invitation.
‘I was initially terrified, but it soon became clear that they were not going to hurt me. I cannot say that I absolutely hated it, but I definitely did resent being forced to participate and even enjoy it. When it was over, one of them took my best pair of panties as a souvenir, and they were waving and smiling as they left. They looked happy, and I could not and cannot bring myself to completely condemn them.
‘We did not report the incident as we felt we had done something a bit foolish, and anyway, we did not think the men could be caught. Also, it would have been extremely embarrassing to admit in public to what had happened. It is correct that the men behaved quite gently and politely, but the threat of force was always there.
‘Although I did not like it at the time, I had mixed feelings about it afterwards. However, one thing took me
Diyarbakir, SE Turkey, where Mark and Tulin fell in love
by surprise; I found that it was incredibly exciting to look back on the experience. I can quite understand John Trehearne writing about it, and I look forward to buying his book. Please give him my love and wish him good luck.'
“So there we have it. Incredible, but our discussions now have to include the likelihood that this incident actually happened. Priscilla?”
Priscilla was horrified. She looked across at Trehearne, but he seemed to be lost in memories. She forced herself to stand. “Right. Well, I'm surprised, of course. But anyway. Let me take this very carefully. I think my most important objection is that Trehearne is using this woman's suffering to excite his audience who will be almost exclusively men. That's the main point, and the one I would like to stay in the Board's mind.”

Jacqueline lives in Far North Queensland, on the shore of the Coral Sea. She keeps herself busy with her cats and garden, and by writing books - some of which are far too naughty for her own good. You can find out more about Jacqueline and her books at

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Thoughts on turning the BIG four-oh

 Yep, it's true. Last week I turned forty. I thought I would be more freaked out watching this milestone whiz past, but actually, I'm really glad to say goodbye to my thirties. Marked with both personal and professional upheaval, my thirties were as turbulent as my adolescence and in some ways more so. But the great thing about hardship and failure--they provide you with wisdom and I do feel quite a bit wiser than I was ten years ago. Isn't that what this long, strange trip is all about? Living and learning.
So what exactly have I learned? Here are the top ten lessons I took away from the past decade:

1. Savor the snuggly times with your child(ren).
The days that your kid(s) want you around are numbered. They pass by so quickly and yet ebb away a drip at a time. Daily cuddles turn into drive-by hugs and then to "don't-touch-me-in-public", but the pulling away process takes place a little bit everyday so it's easy not to notice until it's already happened. As my son rushes past me, barely bussing my cheek as he's off to some very important nine-year-old activity, I feel like David Byrne, "How did I get here?"

2. Love and lasting commitment to your partner have very little to do with each other.
While that oh-so delicious chemical reaction might initially bond us together, romantic love comes and goes like the tides. During a low point, you'd better have a boardwalk built of friendship, loyalty, sexual intimacy (see lesson #8) and true grit to stand upon until the flood of emotion returns.

3. Nothing tastes as good as being healthy feels.
Having struggled with my weight my entire life, I gave up the good fight somewhere around thirty-five. I spent four years lugging around an extra fifty pounds. Not only did it take its toll physically, but also mentally. I stopped seeing myself as a beautiful and therefore stopped loving myself and therefore continued to poison my body with sugar and grease. Now that I've reset my fitness habits and made friends with fruits, vegetables and exercise, I don't ever want to let go of how fantastic I feel.

4. When it comes to friendship, it's quality, not quantity.
It seemed like in my twenties, almost everyone I met was awarded the title of friend. Eventually the people who weren't worth my time fell away and I'm left with a small group of cherished friends. How to tell the difference? A friend will help you move...a good friend will help you move a dead body. And I know who my partners in crime really are.

5.  Success is a marathon, not a sprint.
I may not be a bestselling author yet, but every year I achieve something more that gets me closer. Which brings me to my next point...

6. "Hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard."
Not sure whether to attribute this quote to Kevin Durant or his trainer Taras Brown. Regardless of who said it, it's so very true. All my life, teachers, professors and bosses lauded my writing ability. It wasn't until I developed the self-discipline to work at it every day and the humility to take advice from others that my words really began to blossom on the page.

7. The root of all suffering really is desire.
I learned this in a world religion class in college and it's taken another twenty years for me to comprehend it fully. Wanting what I cannot have only leads to dissatisfaction. I've finally learned to be happy with myself and my life right now, right here, in this very moment.

8. SEX!
It's super-important to a healthy relationship. Even if you and your partner aren't getting anything else right, you can weather months of relationship disconnects with just some down and dirty lovin'. Yes, intimacy is nice, too, but there's nothing to put a smile on one's face and a song in one's heart like a session of bumping uglies. Make time for it: quickies, longies, nooners, late night sleepy sex, sixty-eight and I'll owe you's all good and it's one of the ties that binds.

9. Worrying is a complete and total waste of time.
To paraphrase Deepak Chopra, when one contemplates the vastness of the cosmos and the grandness of the universe, we humans really do worry about the most banal things so I've given up least, I'm trying to. For me and my type A personality that's no small feat.

10. "The best laid schemes of mice and men/Go often awry," Robert Burns (or "The best-laid schemes o' mice an' men/Gang aft agley." for you purists out there).
Truer words were never penned. You can make all the plans you want, but life is a roller coaster ride and you never see the big dips coming. So throw your hands and the air and scream like you just don't care.
To quote my son when we visited LEGOLAND this summer: "Aaagggghhhh!"


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Diane Leyne

I'm originally from a small town in Nova Scotia but grew up in Toronto where I still live. In addition to reading (all types of books) and writing, my loves include photography and travel (over 20 countries and counting). And I'd love to hear from my fans!

Call of the Wolf Series: Claimed by Wolves

Samantha Anderson is carrying out her grandmother's last wish and visiting the Northwest to learn about her family's heritage.
She's surprised by her immediate attraction to the five McAllister brothers: sexy big brother and pack alpha Gabe, hot carpenter twins Bart and Nick, and young and sweet fitness trainer twins Eddie and Andy. She's even more surprised when they all decide to pursue her.
What she doesn't know is that the wolf-dog shape-shifting brothers have recognized her as their mate and are determined win her over so she'll agree to a formal mating ceremony which will tie her to them forever.
The only holdout is Gabe, who worries about mating with a human and wants to learn more about her before revealing their secret. To do this, he decides to spy on her in wolf-dog form. That's when he finds out that Samantha has a secret of her own.


 The sun went behind a cloud, and suddenly she found herself shivering. She swam over to the edge of the pool. Gabe came forward and held out a hand. She let him help her out of the water but then wasn’t sure what to do next. She knew she was standing in front of him almost naked, and her nipples were hard, poking through the sheer material of her bra, and not totally because of the cold.

* * * *

Gabe stared at her amazing body, his cock aching to be inside her. When he’d been in wolf form, he’d had to leave so as not to show how much her near nakedness had affected him. As a man, he didn’t have to hide it. He knew she saw his arousal, and she wasn’t backing away.

She was wearing a delicate pink color that had become transparent in the water. He could see her nipples as tight as berries, jutting out against the fabric and the dark curls at the juncture of her thighs. He didn’t know where he wanted to put his mouth first, but he knew he had to touch her, and he knew where he wanted her mouth.He reached out a finger to gently flick one of her erect nipples. She froze as if waiting for something. He closed his entire hand on it, enjoying the feeling of the hard tip pressing against his palm.

He waited, half expecting her to push him away. Looking over at her, he could see that her eyes were half closed and her breathing had sped up. He reached out to cup her other breast. He heard a hitch in her breath and then felt her lean in to his touch. He gently squeezed her breasts, his thumbs rasping against the nipples through the transparent fabric.

He felt his cock grow even harder, straining against the fabric of his pants. He saw her glance down and her eyes widen as she took in the size of him. He released one of her breasts, reaching down to take her hand and place on his cock, pressing her palm against it. He felt her gripping him lightly and held her hand, tightening and moving it up and down over his length and he tightened his grip on her breast.

Just then, she shivered. He wasn't sure if she was shivering with desire or from the chill of standing there in her wet clothes. He dropped the blanket he was still holding and reached out, pulling her close, his body heat chasing away the cold as he rubbed his hands up and down her body briskly until she was starting to warm up. Then his hands settled on her ass, pulling her close to him, pressing her against his erection, letting her again feel how much he wanted her.

Then he waited. As much as he wanted her, he was giving her the choice.

* * * *

She knew he’d leave her alone if she wanted him to, but she found that she didn’t want him to. He was waiting for a sign from her. She shouldn’t feel as close to him as she did. This was technically only their second meeting, but she’d spent two evenings with him in wolf form, and maybe that was why she felt so close to him.

All she knew was that she wanted him, all of him.

“Why are you still dressed?” she asked, her hands going to the hem of his T-shirt. “You are making me feel self-conscious.”

“Can’t have that.” He slipped his tee over his head, kicked off his shoes, and removed his pants. She found herself staring at his beautiful torso, well muscled but lean with defined pecs and a six-pack of abs she longed to run her fingers over. His torso was covered with a light furring of hair, but not too much. Just a dusting on his chest leading down to the treasure trail below his navel that then led to his very impressive equipment that was clearly fully ready for action.

And now suddenly she was the overdressed one. She reached for the fastening of her bra, but he stopped her.

She was surprised when he didn’t remove it himself. Instead, he moved away from her, but he was just picking up the blanket and spreading it carefully on a grassy spot out in the sun. She watched his tight buttocks as he walked away from her, and then when he walked back toward her, her eyes were riveted by his huge erection bobbing with each step.

She fought to tear her eyes away from it, looking up. The look of intent in his eyes scared her a bit, but she wouldn’t break eye contact.

He smiled and reached out a hand to cup her breast briefly before reaching behind her to unfasten her bra. Then he led her over to the blanket, urging her to her knees. She slid down gracefully, looking up at him with hungry eyes.

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#FirstKissFriday - IN WITH A BANG by Debra Salonen

Please welcome my guest today, Debra Salonen. IN WITH A BANG has the sweetest first kiss scene! Get your copy today: iTunes  KINDLE  NOOK All Romance eBooks

"I apologize if I said something to upset you, Judy. It sucks the way Buddy died because you're the one who has to deal with all the crap that comes next."
I know, right? Except for Pru, nobody had shown her the least bit of sympathy. "Thank you," she said, blinking back the extra moisture in her eyes. "This whole thing has been pretty, actually."
Admitting the awfulness out loud removed the finger in her emotional dike. One sob slipped and another followed crashing on its heels. Tears came faster than one tissue could stem. A white cotton handkerchief just like the kind her father used to carry appeared in her hand. They still make these? She blubbered noisily. Once the worst of the emotional tsunami had passed, two strong arms wrapped her in a hug, pulling her against a broad, masculine chest that smelled of fresh air, pine and working man. Her heart melted right along with her good intentions.
"Would you...? No, of course, you wouldn't. We don't even know each other."
"We sorta do. We shared a bottle of champagne and a box of Girl Scout cookies after I finished your deck. Remember? We didn't have long--you were picking up Buddy to treat him to a movie. I remember thinking what a kind person you are."
She shook her head, suddenly mad at everything and nothing. "No. I'm not. I killed Buddy."
His eyes narrowed. "Buddy made his own choices," he said, his tone stern. "He knew the risks and decided being with you was worth what came next. That says a lot about you in my book."
Judy liked his book. She wished she had a copy.
He tucked his thick, calloused knuckle under her chin and made her look at him. "Would I what?"
Kiss me? Fuck me? Make me forget my life is in the crapper? All of the above. But he couldn't, of course. He might be able to handle one or two of the three, but if he had to ask... "Would you like another beer?"
"I'd rather kiss you."
His lips caught hers partway open with surprise. Apparently his tongue took her lack of resistance as an invitation. It dipped, stroked and teased as if they'd been doing the lingual tango for years.
"Have we done this before?"
She shared his bemusement completely. "Only in my dreams."
Buy-it links: iTunes  KINDLE  NOOK All Romance eBooks

Ella Jade Birthday Bash #bloghop

Thanks so much to Ella Jade for inviting me to be part of her birthday bash. Happy birthday! To celebrate I'm giving away an e-copy of my latest release: BLACKEST NIGHTS to one lucky commenter.

Hope you enjoy the except and have fun hopping!

BDSM curious, Georgia aka Red, attends a lunch meeting of the Rocky Road Social Club where she meets a dom who introduces himself as Black. Tall, caramel-skinned and truly gorgeous, Black draws Red in with his commanding presence.


After one dinner together, Red agrees to explore a weekend as Black’s sub. He pushes her to the limits of pain, pleasure and beyond. Though she delights in his firm hand and even firmer lash, when Black proposes a more permanent arrangement, Red wonders if she’s ready to submit―body and soul―to the man who dominates her blackest desires.
At 8:55, I knocked on his door. I heard him moving inside the house, but he didn’t answer.
A couple minutes passed and still I stood on his porch, the crickets chirping in the cooling night air. Maybe he hadn’t heard my knock. I rang the doorbell.
Another minute or so passed and every second that ticked by left me feeling foolish. Why was he making me wait? Finally out of patience, I fished my cell phone out of my purse and hit the auto-dial for his number.
As soon as Black jerked open the door, I knew I’d made a mistake. His lips downturned, his eyes narrowed, he folded his arms over his chest.
The intensity of his stare unnerved me.
Fixing my gaze on the ground, I offered an explanation though he hadn’t demanded one, “I wanted to be sure I was on time.”
“But you aren’t on time, you’re early. Nine o’clock means nine o’clock.”
“Oh. I’m sorry.”
“Go into the dining room and sit.” He moved aside to let me pass. “To your left.”
Hurrying to do as instructed, I didn’t have much time to take in the decor of the house. Once I’d taken a seat, I studied the austerity of the mission-style dining table, chairs and china cabinet. One massive photo―at least four feet by six feet―hung on an otherwise bare wall. It depicted a close-up of a fig sliced in half. So suggestive of female genitalia was the imagery that I found myself averting my eyes, sneaking furtive glances. Every time I dared to look at it for more than a couple of seconds, my cheeks burned and butterflies flitted around my stomach.
The door clicked shut and I heard his footsteps head in the opposite direction. Then he returned, his cell phone in hand. Drawing his finger across the screen, he turned it so I could read. The glowing display showed his call log.
“Read the most recent entry,” he said.
“It says Red.”
“And is it an incoming call or an outgoing one?”
“Incoming,” I mumbled. I knew exactly what I’d done wrong.
“I said never to call me.” He grabbed me by the hair and I flinched more out of surprise than pain. He wasn’t pulling all that hard…yet.
“I’m sorry.” I looked at him out of the corner of my eye, excited by the control he exerted over me.
Setting the phone aside, he moved behind me. Leaning down, he let his lips brush past my ear. I could feel his breath on my cheek and neck. Inhaling his cologne, I closed my eyes, my heartbeat quickening.
“You don’t listen.” He tightened his grasp, shaking me a little. I gasped, the pain sharper now, the throbbing of my pussy radiating throughout my body.
I didn’t reply, struggling to suppress a smile though I couldn’t figure out just why I felt like grinning.
“What’s funny?” He tugged at my hair.
The tug hurt so much my eyes watered. “Nothing.”
“Say it. Say, ‘I don’t listen’.” His hand my head held back, forcing me to make eye contact.
“I―” My voice cracked, arousal and agony gripping my throat. “I don’t listen.”
“Do you need me to make you?”
“Yes…please.” My legs trembled, my pussy quivering at the thought of what he would do to punish me.
Pulling me up and bending me over the table, he pressed my cheek to the cool surface, hand still tangled in my hair, but he’d eased up on the agonizing hold.
The skirt I’d taken so much care to pick out wound up crumpled around my waist. He ripped off my panties then caressed the swell of my ass. I heard the jangle of his belt buckle and the whoosh of it sliding out of his belt loops. Oh God, he was going to―
I cried out and squirmed, the initial sting so intense I could hardly stand it, but he held me down.
The belt smacked against my ass, heat spreading over the entire cheek. I yelped and whimpered. A sharp burning sensation ran along the junction of my buttock and my thigh and I was sure he’d given me a welt. The thought turned me on to no end. I was bare-assed, splayed out across a table and one of the most gorgeous men I’d ever met was punishing me. Oh yes, I wanted more.
Another crack of the belt and I could feel my juices wetting my pussy lips. The pain transformed from an unpleasant sensation to the heat of a lover’s touch. Instead of a cry of objection, I moaned, writhing against the table.
“You like that?” He growled the words, his voice even deeper than usual.
“Yes.” I arched my back, thrusting my ass toward him.
“Yes, what?” He caught me by the hair again.
“Yes sir.”
He whipped my buttock again and I called out, the skin raw now. My cunt contracted, so swollen and wet he could have easily slid inside me, no more foreplay needed, but I knew he wouldn’t give me that kind of pleasure yet. I hadn’t earned it.
“Your pretty little ass is the most lovely shade of red.”
I felt him drop to his knees, running his tongue over the areas that stung the most. A hiss escaped me. Parting my labia with two fingers, he swiped at my slit.
“You’re so wet. You’re going to be fun to play with.”
I panted, desperate that he continue my training, but instead he righted my skirt and helped me up. Swiping the finger coated in my cream over my lips, he moved in for a kiss. His tongue flicked at the musky fluid then plunged inside my mouth. I inhaled the scent of pussy mingled with his cologne unable to get enough of the heady scent.

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#WhipItWednesdays - EMERALD DUNGEON by Kathy Kulig

Please welcome fellow Ellora's Cave author, Kathy Kulig! EMERALD DUNGEON sounds like a scorcher! Get your copy today.
Ellora’s Cave


Traveling 3000 Miles to Research BDSM

by Kathy Kulig


Developing my story EMERALD DUNGEON was more of a happy accident. Writers tend to get story ideas everywhere: an overheard conversation, a song, a movie, a photograph, a dream, a visit to a new locale. In this situation, it was while visiting a 500 year old castle in Ireland.


I attended a medieval banquet within Bunratty Castle and was entertained by a troupe of musicians and singers playing harps and violins. They offered goblets of mead (honey wine) and served a four course dinner medieval style (knife only, no forks).


We toured the castle, but never did get to see the dungeon, though I knew there was one. Outside in the darkness, surrounded by fields and forest, a kilted piper played a haunting tune under the flickering lights of flaming sconces. It was not hard to image a story set here, and using the castle as the perfect setting for EMERALD DUNGEON.


There’s a slight paranormal element that fits with the magical and romantic setting. When I returned home, my mind continued to work on a story. I thought about a woman from the US who was a harpist and had the opportunity to play with the Irish musicians during the summer. Their regular harpist was on maternity leave and my heroine knew a member of the troupe for the job recommendation. She meets the hero (a member in the troupe) who is also a Dom and part owner of a leather shop in town. When she first arrives at the castle, she’s dying to go exploring. Even though the castle is closed, she finds a way in. The smell of smoke has her worried and she investigates its source—the dungeon. There she finds old sconces burning and also interrupts a BDSM scene. Here’s part of the excerpt of that scene:


Excerpt from Emerald Dungeon by Kathy Kulig:


Darkness crept in around her except for the golden, flickering light from the basement. Walking through another doorway, Dana thought she heard voices but she wasn’t sure. The hairs on the back of her neck stood up.

As she rounded a stone partition, the room brightened. Flames flickered within a half dozen wrought iron sconces, a fire burned in a small stone fireplace. The room smelled of sweet burning wood and damp stone. At the far wall two people hovered in shadows. Dana remained in her circle of darkness at the bottom of the stairs, unable to take her eyes away from the sight.

The woman was naked, her wrists and ankles bound with straps that hung from the ceiling. Her arms and legs were spread wide in a V shape. As Dana took a closer look, she saw the woman was cradled in a narrow hammock rigging that supported her back and bottom. Her pussy and anus lay open wide and metal clamps were attached to her nipples. Dana winced at the distended tips protruding from the tight clamps. The woman was also wearing a blindfold. The other person, wearing a hooded robe, was male. She could tell by his bare legs and feet. His back was facing Dana.

A rush of heat, then cold crept through her. Wrapping her arms around her waist, her first instinct was to escape and call for help. Then she stepped back and searched for a weapon, planning to do some damage to the guy if the woman needed help. Instead, Dana froze at the bottom of the stairs. Attacking this man was not a good idea if the woman was a willing participant. She would watch long enough to make sure the woman was okay.

There were people who got into this kinky stuff. Why this woman would allow this man to do these things, Dana couldn’t fathom. “More, slave?” the man in the robe asked the woman.

The woman nodded. “Yes, Master, if it pleases you.” His fingers stroked the narrow thatch of dark hair between her legs, avoiding the glistening folds of her pussy. The woman squirmed and tried lifting her hips.

Dana managed to breathe in teaspoon-sized portions of air. People did this for fun? It didn’t look like fun. Was the woman in trouble? Should she stop this? Go for help? Move, dammit.




Thanks so much for having me as a guest Cindy!


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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Keeping up with Regina!

Y'all know I love this lady. She's a doll and her books couldn't be HOTTER :) Let's see what Regina Carlysle is up to this month.

Keeping up with Regina

While everyone is winding up the summer, getting in those last minute vacation days and gearing up for the start of school, I’ve been swamped preparing for releases and such.  I tend to chill out under the air conditioner at this time of year but that doesn’t mean things aren’t plenty HOT around my place.  Mad Moon (book six of my High Plains Shifters series) released July 31 at Ellora’s Cave and my editor also contracted Immortal Challenge and Return to Ransom. So yeah…stoked here. As fall rapidly approaches, I say BRING IT ON. More is on the way and I predict the end of the year will provide more great news and books on the way.

Mad Moon available Now

Good news for fans of my popular High Plains Shifters series (available at Ellora’s Cave). With this sixth installment, I bring the shifter world I created into East Texas and linked it all to the characters of the Wolf Creek pack in West Texas. So yes, East meets West in this story of a hunted woman who seeks sanctuary with the Texas Rogues and their leader, Madden Moon.
This is a stand-alone story but I highly recommend reading others in this series so I’m listing them in order. All are available at Ellora’s Cave, Amazon, B&N and other ebook sellers.
Highland Beast
Lone Star Lycan
Ringo’s Ride
Edge of Nowhere
Mad Moon
Mad Moon
Regina Carlysle
High Plains Shifters, Book 6
Madden Moon knows what she is the second she walks into the old café. Shifter. Wolf. Trouble. Struck by her beauty and the air of exhaustion about her, the leader of the Texas Rogues wishes her straight out of town, but as the mating energy of their species sizzles between them and her enemies approach, he has no alternative but to bring the beautiful lycan under his protection and into his bed.
Runaway Lana Vronski is in big trouble. As she races through the woods, local wolves in hot pursuit, she believes all is lost until she is rescued by oh so sexy Madden. When he offers her sanctuary and sex hot enough to burn them both, she accepts his proposal. But it isn’t until the mating heat between them begins to sizzle wildly out of control that Lana learns her true salvation awaits in his arms. Lana’s enemies are relentless, however, and will stop at nothing as they attempt to rip her from the arms of the man she loves.

A Romantica® paranornal erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave
An Excerpt From: MAD MOON
Copyright © REGINA CARLYSLE, 2013
All Rights Reserved, Ellora's Cave Publishing, Inc.
Chapter One

He scented her the moment she opened the door of the old café. He didn’t know who she was but what she was couldn’t have been more clear.
Madden Moon’s nostrils flared as the rich, spicy smell of the female curled through his brain, igniting base instincts that he promptly pushed aside to reexamine at another time. The she-wolf was an icy blonde, beautiful and wary. Though he’d never been a fan of short hair on a woman, the edgy pixie cut suited her delicate features. Her eyes, even from the distance, were a dark, exotically tilted midnight blue, thickly lashed and currently narrowed as she halted and stood skittishly in the doorway. The stranger shot him a quick glance and the single panicked look spoke volumes. She knew he was shifter too.
For a moment it seemed she’d bolt and head back out into the dark of night but that didn’t happen. His spectacular hearing registered the low growl of her belly. Then as her gaze shifted away, she squared her shoulders and hurried to a corner booth across the room from him.
As High Alpha of the Rogues, it was his responsibility to keep tabs on shifters who might pass through this area of East Texas. This poor, bedraggled little thing didn’t seem much of a threat to anyone. She looked stressed-out and exhausted. Still, he covertly watched her as she ordered something from the menu and gulped down a tall glass of ice water. By the time she’d finished that and started to drink her coffee, the waitress had set a plate containing two large burgers and a heaping mound of fries in front of her.
If he hadn’t known she was shifter by her scent, the woman’s enormous appetite would have given her away.
She glanced up at him and Mad had the good grace to look away. It was hard as hell to avoid staring at her, wondering about her and trying to figure out why she seemed so distressed. He might be a wolf but he was also a gentleman.
Most of the time.
Mad finished off the last of his coffee and leaned back against the faded faux leather of his favorite booth in Joe’s Hot Griddle. The remains of his fried ham, eggs and buttermilk pancakes littered the aged laminate table. The only twenty-four-hour breakfast joint in Sweetridge, Texas, wasn’t even close to being hot tonight. No more than two or three customers filled a room that could easily accommodate eighty. That was fine. It suited his mood. Mad wasn’t in the mood for company nor was he feeling particularly chatty.
Joe Grubbs, the shifter elder who owned the place, wearing a dingy white apron over the girth of his belly, ambled up with a pot of coffee. Without asking, he poured Mad another cup. He tilted his head toward the she-wolf who was busily devouring her meal. “Wonder who she is.”
“No clue but I figure I’ll find out soon enough. Probably just passing through. If that’s the case, she can go in peace.” After grunting his thanks for the coffee, Mad motioned for the man to sit. “Why aren’t you out hunting with the others tonight, Joe?” Mad eyed the older man over the rim of his cup.
Joe shrugged. “Somebody’s gotta earn a buck or two around here. These days I’m feeling my age and those men get out of control with the bloodlust. Thirty years or so ago, I liked hanging with the rowdies, but now the thought of it just wears me out. I took a pass. But I could ask you the same. Figured you’d be out there ramrodding that mangy pack. Instead you’re here and looking morose as hell.”
“Just restless.” As High Alpha, it was his duty to tear up the woods and raise a little hell, all in the spirit of camaraderie and brotherhood, but he didn’t have the heart for it. He didn’t have to be psychic to know something was in the air.
Deep in his bones, he believed something was fixin’ to roll over him like high tide on the Gulf.
Off in the distance, he heard the howl of wolves. His men. His pack. They’d been hunting in the nearby woods for the better part of three hours now and, knowing some of them, their blood would be running high. It was a dangerous time for some of the younger wolves who were known to get into a shitload of trouble after a bloody hunt. When they were finished, they’d be looking for a balls-to-the-walls fight and a fast fuck, in no particular order. Gods help whoever got in their way.
Mad glanced at the woman. If she knew what was best for her, she’d get out of town while the getting was good. One or two of those young pups were downright dangerous and if they happened upon her after the hunt, she’d be in deep trouble. Exhaustion seemed to roll from her body, easy to pick up on, and he knew it would be hard for her to fight off trouble in her current physical state.
Yes, she’d best get the hell outta here pretty damn quick.
Finally he stood and tossed some cash on the littered table then glanced at the pretty lady shifter. He frowned and gave Joe a look. “With the hunt going down tonight, it might be a good idea to give the little blonde a heads up. She needs to hit the road.”
When Joe nodded, Mad shrugged, determined to put some distance between himself and the sexy stranger. “Best take off and see what’s what, Joe. You take care now.”
He felt the woman’s eyes on him as he made his way to the door and stopped to return her stare.
A sound similar to white noise buzzed in his ears and fairly rattled his brain then stopped almost as soon as it started. Chills raced over his arms.
What the fuck?

Coming Soon from Ellora’s Cave

For some time now I’ve wanted to do a series about immortal warriors and I’m thrilled the first book in this extensive series has been contracted by Ellora’s Cave. Immortal Challenge features Gedeon, an immortal Highlander who is challenged by a goddess to learn to love again. This novel is my first attempt at fantasy (something I’ve always wanted to tackle) and I really hope my readers like it. This concept will feature characters who exhibit great acts of bravery in battle and are ‘saved’ at the moment of their deaths by a goddess. These larger than life heroes will feature Vikings, Spanish Conquistadors, and even an old west gunslinger. I can’t tell you how many books there will be in this series because, at the moment, the ideas are still percolating. I suspect there will be quite of few so brace yourselves.

Those sexy, brawny, badass Dobbs Brothers

Most of you know that along with paranormal stories, I also write about those rough, tough Texas cowboys. Among my most popular of these is my Delight Texas series (available at Ellora’s Cave, Amazon, B&N and other e-tailers). Cooper and T Dobbs (Return to Delight and Return of the Daredevil) are two hot scoundrels who won a lot of readers’ hearts. Fans of this series will be happy to know that Return to Ransom has been contracted by Ellora’s Cave and as I promised those of you who wrote…this is a full length novel to wrap up the series with a big, shiny bow. I’ll post more as I get into edits for the story but I’m hoping for a winter release. Keep fingers crossed!

On my Computer now:

Lust, Lies and Silky Thighs- Romantic Suspense set in small town Texas
The Last of His Kind- a hawk shifter and follow up story to Jaguar Hunger (EC) and Tinderbox (part of the Something Wicked This Way Comes, vol 2 anothology EC)
Santana’s Touch- Book three of Savage Sanctuary series, EC

Regina Sightings:

Ellora’s Cave Romanticon Convention, October 11, Akron, Ohio

Wild Wicked Weekend (my own author/reader weekend with Wicked Writers Desiree Holt, Cerise Deland, Brenna Zinn, Samantha Cayto and Dalton Diaz) February 20-23 2014, San Antonio, Texas. Wanna come party with us? Check out our website for sign up and information.
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