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#FirstKissFriday - THE MEETING by Kristin Boyd

Please welcome not only a talent writer, but also a beautiful person both inside and out--Kristin Boyd!

Cindy: I'm so happy to have you here today, chica, for the first First Kiss Friday :)

Kristin: Thank you so much for allowing me to be a guest on your blog today. As a fan, this is truly an honor. To kick off First Kiss Fridays, I thought I'd give your readers a sneak peak at my current work in progress. Normally, my comfort zone is in the paranormal romance genre but I have found it to be an exciting challenge to dip my toes into the realm of BDsM and Erotica.
Cindy: Awww, you know I'm your biggest fan too. Now, let's get to that yummy excerpt!
The Meeting
by Kristin Boyd
I looked in the mirror. How was somebody supposed to dress for an event like this? My eyes intently inspected everything about my appearance. My dark auburn hair curled in large soft ringlets and cascaded over my shoulders. I spent hours on YouTube watching make up tutorials for sultry smoky eye and sexy club make up. My green eyes popped with the accent of the hues of purple I used and the lush false lashes. My lips were glossed in a light pink, their shine matched perfectly the pink vinyl hater mini dress and go-go boots that the sales clerk at the local adult store swore made my curves look “pin-up perfect”. I felt like stripper Barbie, but at least Barbie is pretty. I twirled once more making sure everything looked as good as it was going to before grabbing the event flyer that was left under my windshield wiper while I was at work the week before. I read it once more, “Provocative…Seductive… A once a year experience…Voyeurs, swingers, curiosity seekers, lifestyle, BDsM…This event is open to all! Free your mind & lose your inhibitions.” The model on the flyer was wearing all back and a man was at her feet with a hood, collar, and leather shorts. I certainly was curious. After a lifetime of being told that sexual thoughts and desires were sinful and dirty and a marriage where the physical act of sex was for reproductive purposes only, I knew there was so much more out there for me to explore and it was time for me to finally own the fantasies that I kept locked inside for so many years. I slammed the shot of tequila that I had poured earlier and placed beside the flyer, grabbed my keys, and locked up my apartment. So much for liquid courage, even as I put the key into the ignition my hand trembled. It was going to take a lot more than one shot to sooth this anxiety.
Standing in line on the brisk September evening, people all around me chatted with their dates or friends or acquaintances. I couldn’t force myself to look at anything but the cracked pavement below my feet. I felt so out of place. Everyone seemed dark, and mysterious, and sensual. I fidgeted uneasily as I slowly made my way to the doorman and paid the $20 cover. As I walked through the crowd and made my way to the performance hall I felt eyes on me. In my mind they were picking me apart, in this coterie of scantily clad Goth and Steampunk type individuals, stripper Barbie stuck out like a sore thumb. I wanted so badly to find a place to fit in, a place to be accepted. Doubt filled my mind and sadness weighted down my soul like a lead anchor that, even here, I would not find my place.
The show was unlike anything I had ever seen or heard of before. Musical remixes of popular songs with incredibly kinky undertones were brought to life on stage as men and women performed acts sexual and shocking. To the far right of the stage, a masked petite blond was chained to a cross wearing nothing but latex hot pants, thigh high black leather boots and flesh tone pasties while an incredibly intimidating tall man flogged her until her skin raised in bright red welts, she giggled harder with each lashing. Immediately to her left another masked woman was on a turn table on her hands and knees. Her wrists were cuffed as were her ankles. They must have chosen this one for her ass because it was the most delicious thing I had seen in ages, she wore a bright red vinyl bikini which made her robust bottom look like an apple and my mouth watered for a bite as it was held high in the air. As the table spun, the four Dominatrixes who surrounded the table had plenty of fun spanking her with their hands and paddles of various shapes and sizes. She, too, giggled with each rotation but unlike the willing victim to her right, her torture was captured between kisses. To her left, and in the center of the stage was a large throne. Sitting in the throne was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. She wore a Victorian type gown, white lace with gold trim, her broach had a zombie on it. Her makeup was done pale white with bright red lips and her hair looked much like something you would image a Victorian aristocrat to fashion, high atop her head. Upon first glance this regal being appeared almost out of place on that stage, but moments into the song her skirt began moving. There was something, or someone, under there! As the show progressed, the woman's austere emotionless face softened and her head fell back in what appeared to be a state of bliss. She raised her skirt and under it was two incredibly dainty females emulating oral sex on the woman between making out with each other. The crowd's roar was deafening at this revelation and I felt heat rise in my cheeks and moisture dew in my pussy. To her left was one more scene. A girl in a very large cage, it looked like a dog crate. A man walked to the crate and opened it. The girl inside was Asian and couldn’t have been much older than 21. She was very thin with no real curves, but her beauty was captivating as she crawled out of the crate on her hands and knees. She sat at the gentleman who opened her crate’s feet as he petted her head and made long soft strokes down her back. Like a dog, she nuzzled close to him. They interacted like a pet and her Owner. He would give a command and she obeyed. He rewarded her with kisses. On they went, playfully back and forth until he commanded her to turn her back toward him and touch her toes, she obstinately refused. He grabbed her hair roughly and threw her back in her crate and closed the latch. She sat inside sullen as he walked around it authoritatively.
In a darkened corner of the stage, away from any action, partially tucked behind a curtain was what appeared to be a mechanical bull. It had cuffs at the top toward where the head would be and at the back toward the rear. I couldn’t take my eyes away from it. The activity at the other stations intensified as the music sped up. The lights strobed, cries of pain replaced the giggles on stage, and the energy of the crowd shifted to a dark sexual heat unlike anything I had ever felt before. Then, in an instant, the room went black and completely silent. The stage went still, the crowd froze. Out of the darkness a voice boomed, “Welcome to my dungeon. Your pain is my pleasure. Your pleasure is my pleasure! I will exploit your desires and your weakness. I will make you cry and cum. Enjoy the show, while I enjoy my first victim.” Red lights illuminated the stage and in the center, the Victorian woman in the regal throne was replaced by a high back chair made of black iron cast with cryptic images of skulls and bats. Seated in the cathedra was a man. Shirtless he was like something straight out of fitness magazine. His shoulders were broad; his chest clearly defined, his abs were tight creating a beautiful V shaped waist drawing your attention to his bulging black leather pants. His head was shaved completely bald and his features were stern. Confidence radiated off of him in waves as he sat there, scanning the crowd. A spotlight flashed on and swept the crowd as if looking for something…or someone. The sex demon on stage encouraged its movements, directing it towards certain people within the crowd. “No, no, no! None of these will do! Keep searching!” The spotlight continued scanning and stopping sporadically. People gasped as it slowed over them, many sighed loudly with relief when it continued on. The crowd grew restless. Without warning it came to a sudden halt, the man on the stage released a maniacal laugh from deep within his belly. The light had stopped on me. My breath caught in my throat. “She’s perfect! Look at her, she’s terrified. We’ve just entered her most erotic nightmare. She’ll do just fine. She is such a pretty little pet, isn’t she?” The crowd roared. “Bring her forth!” Four pair of hands came from nowhere and grabbed my shoulders, wrists and cusped my waist.
 I was as nervous as I had ever been in my life. I didn’t even know what I was doing in the club at all, let alone to be called on stage in front of 1,500 pairs of eyes. My stomach did summersaults and tears welled in my eyes. The one shot of tequila I had before I left most definitely was not enough for what I found myself doing right now. I was presented to the sinister looking demon as if I was a sacrifice. He rose. He wasn’t much taller than me but as he approached me I felt as tiny as a mouse. He circled me slowly, running his hands over my body. Inspecting me. Judging me. He leaned close to me and into my ear he whispered, “Yes, pet, you will do nicely”. He grabbed my ass hard and held it tightly as he raised his other hand and yelled to crowd, “And it begins!” The stage went bright white and a curtain, previously unnoticed, dropped from behind us to reveal an all new fetish playground where the mechanical bull device that drew my attention only moments ago was now in the center of the stage.
A remix of Nine Inch Nails “Animal” begin to play. The crowd erupted in a unison cheer. A tall dark haired woman entered the stage. Her movement was as fluid as a cat as she crossed in front of me as if I were invisible and kissed the sex demon deeply and passionately. He removed his hand from my ass and began to explore this new woman’s nearly naked body. The only thing she wore was thigh high black leather boots and a black leather thong bikini. Her body was magnificent. She wan tan and tone. Her muscles were long and lean and as they ravished each other on stage, you could see her body tense with his touch and relax as desire obviously washed over her. Their kiss broke suddenly and she stepped back. She reached for a buckled piece of leather around her thigh she unfastened it and handed it to the man. He came to me and put the leather around my neck and clasped it. He grabbed the heavy metal ring at its center and pulled me toward the mechanical bull. My legs felt like jello as I stumbled behind him. We stopped abruptly; the spot lights lit up the background scenes, each with a different color. As the crowd’s attention was drawn to back of the stage the man and the woman lifted me onto the back of the bull. I wanted to resist, I wanted to scream and kick my way from their grasp. I wanted to flee from the stage, from the building as quickly as my legs would take me. A small part of me, however, wanted nothing more than to stay and turn myself over to the moment. I didn’t know who these people were or why they chose me, but I was curious for them and in that split second I discovered how much stronger my curiosity was than my reason. The man seemed to be feeding on my insecurity and began to pet my head. His eyes locked on mine, “I will not harm you, but I may hurt you. You don’t have to trust me, but in this situation, I strongly advice that you do. You can stop anything that I do by simply saying “Fin”. The way he looked at me, it was as if he had known me forever. He seemed to be holding a part of my own soul in his gaze. All I could do was nod. The lights all returned to shine directly on us, darkness fell on the other scenes while the sounds of sexual torture continued in time to the rhythm of the bass of the music. The tall exotic woman moved to the head of the bull and pulled my arms down, harshly strapping my wrists into the cuffs before moving to the rear and doing the same with my ankles. I couldn’t free myself no matter how I tried. My pussy grew wet with this forced submission. I felt something cold and thin run along my body as the woman walked around me. A crop. A shiver ran down my spine. She stopped only when she met the man at the head of the bull. Once again, she assaulted his mouth with hers. She wrapped a leg around his torso and began to grind against him; he pushed her away, turned towards me, tilted my chin up towards him and explored my mouth with his. He parted my lips with his tongue and claimed my kiss with his. I didn’t know this man, but at this moment, in this first kiss, I knew I belonged to him.
Cindy: Whew, is it hot in here? That was a pretty steamy first kiss scene! Love it! Hard to believe you just started experimenting with this genre. Now, earlier you stated that you usually write paranormal romance. Anything in particular that's drawn you to BDsM?
Kristin: Curiosity really. I know quite a few people who live the lifestyle and the stories of their REAL lives intrigue me and inspire me. These are some of the most interesting people I have ever met, beautiful in their own ways because they have accepted who they are and what they want out of life (both vanilla and kink). 
Cindy: Tell us a little about a typical day for you?
Kristin: I am a single mom, first and foremost. I wake up and get my children up and ready for their day before preparing for my own. I work full time as a Sales Manager for a small company, I love my job (firefighters are my customers, who wouldn't love that?!). It is a normal 9-5. After work, life is normal. I love being domestic. Cooking, cleaning, keeping house.
Cindy: With such a busy schedule (and hot firefighters surrounding you), how do you find the time to write?
Kristin: When the world goes dark in the evening, so does my mind and that is why I typically escape to the fantasy world (PixieLand) where writing and reading provides escape and solace. PixieLand is a very sexy and mysterious place where Vampires, Werewolves, Witches, Demons, and Kinky people all live and play. 
Cindy: Who are some of your influences?
Kristin: UM....CINDY JACKS, of course, I friggin' love you!!! Larissa Ione is also one of my major influences. Kayden McLeod is another. All real people with real talent.

Cindy: Aw, you're making me blush :) I'm honored to be mentioned with talented ladies like Larissa and Kayden! I like that phrase: "real people with real talent". How does your real life inform your writing?
Kristin: Well, as I mentioned earlier, I draw inspiration from my circle of friends who live these interesting lives. I do a lot of people watching as well. Because I do typically write romance, I am not ashamed that my real life fantasies often come to life on the pages. 
Cindy: And speaking of delicious fantasies, name one of your guilty pleasures :)
Kristin: Starbucks Java Chip Ice Cream. I keep a pint hidden in my mini fridge at all times.
Cindy: Ha! That is an awesome guilty pleasure. Thanks again for being my guest. Let us know when we can expect the release of your WIP!
Want to know more about Kristin? Follow her on Twitter: Never a dull moment in PixieLand ;)
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