Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Going on a TV fast

Okay, in my defense, the weather this summer has been wonky so there have been lots of days where getting outside hasn't been an option. That being said, I noticed last week that the fam and I are spending waaaaaay too much time glurking out in front of the boob tube, even on really beautiful days.

We decided (after much protesting on my son's part) that this week, the TV stays off. The one exception will be watching a DVD as a family after dinner. It's part of my son's bedtime ritual. Do not wanna mess with that. Otherwise, there is no SpongeBob, no Pawn Stars, no World's Dumbest whatever. Seriously, the TV junk food the guys consume is alarming.

I'm even guilty of it...I'm a bit of a Discovery and Science Channel junkie. But seriously, even educational TV is quite the time suck. I mean, wouldn't it be a better experience for DS and I to attempt to make our own flashlight out of a light bulb, some wiring, some PVC tubing and duct tape as opposed to watching someone else do it?

So, we have our remotes set to off and it's full speed ahead to see what mischief we can cause when we're not drooling on ourselves on the sofa. I hazard a guess there will be no end to our productivity.

Wish us luck!


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Stevie said...

A TV fast is a great idea!