Monday, June 24, 2013

Bicycle Buddies

I've been waiting for this summer since the day my son started pedaling around on a tricycle when he was a toddler. At nine years old, he's finally mastered his bicycle enough to hit the bike path that runs right past our neighborhood. I love to bike ride and now that he's got the stamina and strength to ride for several miles at a time, we're having a blast exploring.

We found the ruins of an old lime factory:

Beautiful parks with bridges. We've decided a troll lives under all of them:

And a rusted out truck that looks "just like Mater", LOL:

We've also discovered a patch of wild blackberries and made the most delicious homemade wild blackberry muffins:

We've ridden our bicycles every day since school let out. It's great exercise for both of us and a chance to bond on a whole new level. After our second or third ride, he turned to me and asked, "Hey, Mom, can we always be bicycle buddies?" To which I replied, trying not to get misty, "Of course!"

There are lots of things I miss as my son transitions from a little boy into a young man, but each age brings with it new being bicycle buddies.


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