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Women and #GayPorn by Jacqueline George

Please welcome the irrepressible Jacqueline George! I have to say, this is a topic near and dear to my heart. Having many close gay male friends, what's always given me pause about M/M erotic written by women is that it comes across sounding like two women trapped in hyper-sexualized male bodies. Gay men are first and foremost men and they behave toward each other in many of the same ways hetero men behave toward their partners. Hearts, flowers and frilly language...yeah, right. But enough of my two cents. Take it away, Jacqueline!

A Walk on the Wild Side

  ~ or women and gay porn


Now that gays have suddenly become people... Haven’t times changed! Gay sex has been going throughout recorded history, and presumably for a good while before that, but in recent centuries no-one has been talking about it. Same applies to gay relationships. When the social divide between the sexes was wider, educated city men seemed have spent most of their days at work or in exclusively male company. Their lives were divided between their male friends and their home, and you can’t help thinking that home life came second.

I suppose most close male friendships were chaste, but who knows? They were happy enough to write (anonymously) about MMF threesomes, and in the better city brothels you could indulge in whatever took your fancy. Knowing what men are like, I’m sure most of them tried everything they could afford, and as often as possible.

Now the covers are off, and we can read about or watch whatever variety of sex that intrigues us, something interesting has happened. It turns out that women are very interested in gay sex. They like to read about it, and buy erotic romances with exclusively male action. How strange is that? I know men drool over ‘lesbian’ porn, but I think everyone accepts that sort of thing bears as much relation to reality as Pro-Wrestling. They like to watch two girls having fun simply because there are twice as many of those interesting sexy bits on display. Is the female fascination with gay erotica no more than that?

I don’t believe it. Not for a minute, because we’re not like that. We want more from our books, more depth, more personality. We want to believe.

That’s a problem, right there. We want gay romance, and we want reality. We want sensitive young men (with finely chiseled abs, of course) to fall in love and really care for each other. We want the exciting, sexy stuff too, but it has to be done right. If not with roses, at least with designer clothes and expensive watches.

The thing that bothers me is it all sounds, well, a little girlie. I don’t believe men are like that. Sure, some are thoughtful and sensitive but scratch the surface and you will find the same old sex maniac underneath. Once their blood is up, they don’t much care. Sure they might prefer to see an attractive girl - sorry, I mean, a woman with an attractive personality - drinking at their fountain, but in the end they will take whatever is on offer. High on their requirements for the ideal woman is sex without hassles, (you know I am right, admit it!) and ideal women are as rare as hen’s teeth.

Once a man has dabbled in gay sex, he is faced with a choice on Friday night. He can go looking for a lady who might be persuaded to play games, and accept that an evening of politeness, sensitivity, dinner and drinks probably won’t give the desired result. Or he can look up his gay friends, who are every bit as hungry and obliging as he is himself. He can guarantee himself an evening of hot, cheap sex with no prospective mother-in-law in sight. It all sounds terribly cold and impersonal to me, but we’re talking about men here, not women.

What do our readers want? I’m really not sure. If they seriously want stories on the intimacies of long term gay relationships, I don’t think I could manage. I don’t know any of my gay acquaintances well enough to ask. If readers are looking for the sort of hot and exotic sex that spills over into M/M contact, I am on surer ground but - I don’t know - there is still a touch of cold and impersonal about it all.

In the right circumstances, real men take almost any opportunity to get off but do we want to read about getting a blow job from a complete stranger? Perhaps we do...

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Jacqueline lives in Far North Queensland, on the shore of the Coral Sea. She keeps herself busy with her cats and garden, and by writing books - some of which are far too naughty for her own good. You can find out more about Jacqueline and her books at



gemma parkes said...

This is a fascinating post, I love the way Jacqueline always shoots from the hip, her honesty is startling. When it comes to writing l agree, l don't think l could write from two male pov's, one is hard enough! But l'm not sure that gay men would be tempted by female flesh? That might be an interesting question to ask...!

Jacqueline said...

Gemma, as to whether a gay man might like your female flesh, I think it might depend on just what you were offering.
If it was free and irresponsible orgasms, you might even get a free dinner thrown in (or at least a take-away).

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