Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Love is a drug

I was watching NEW GIRL last night--btw I LOVE that show, can't get enough Schmidt, LOVE YOU MAX GREENFIELD--and there was this teenage girl who'd developed a crush on one of the roommates. She cried out while writhing on the sofa, "I just want to rub my face on his face!" At this I had to laugh. Not just because the actress did such a superb job with her comedic timing and body language, but because I remember feeling that way. I remember being young and in love (or in lust...come on sometimes it's like that) and feeling like I just couldn't get enough of this other person.

Now I know that there's a scientific explanation for that rush of emotion. It's oxytocin this and vasopressin that. So what does this mean? That we're all just love junkies looking for a fix? Trying to recreate that first high--which I think we all can agree is the most intense.

I remember young love and yes, I did want to rub my face on his face. Not to mention rubbing my face on various other body parts. And I wished my lover came in powder from so I could snort lines of him. I wanted to crawl inside his skin and wear him like a leather coat. Okay, was that too far? LOL. Which brings me to my other point that love can be really scary too. Not unlike a bad trip.

Then I thought about my current relationship. It's been going on for a while and though the initial rush has mellowed, there is something wonderful about the quieter more stable form of love too. Like I can be completely and totally myself without worrying that I'll scare him off...I mean if I didn't scare him off with that "wear him like a leather coat" comment, he's here to stay. And while the highs are not as high, the lows are definitely not as low either.

Will I ever feel that euphoric rush of teenage love again. Sadly no. But I can watch a sitcom and laugh about the perils that await the next generation of lovers because I also know I'll never again cling to dirty ball of yarn unraveled from my ex-boyfriend's class ring because it's all I have left, mascara streaming down my face, wailing that I'll never be whole again whilst plotting to set fire to his fully restored 1975 Chevy Nova.

Uh...not that I ever did that.

Anyhoo, what do you remember about young love? What's the crazy thing you ever felt while in the throes of hormonal lunacy? Inquiring minds wanna know ;)

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Jordan Ashley said...

Oh Cindy, I remember the very first time I thought I was in love with someone. I had begun dating my best friend in 9th grade, and he was the sweetest guy I'd ever seen. He got me roses and a huge box of chocolates for Valentines day, which was a week after we'd gotten together. The week before my birthday, 3 weeks later, he broke up with me for seemingly no reason. I remember thinking in my teenage crazed hormonal heart brokenness that i would never feel whole again.

What I didn't do though... no... I never kept that velvet box with the rose petals in it, and opened it to cry over the petals remembering what a good guy he was and wondering what was so wrong with me....
.... noooo I didn't do that. Ever. I swear.