Thursday, January 27, 2011

New Release by Lily Harlem--Mirror Music!

Please welcome my guest today, Lily Harlem! Her second book about the HAWT London rock and roll scene is available today! Take it away, Lily :)
My steamy novella focusing on the sexy London rock and roll scene – MIRROR MUSIC is out at Ellora’s Cave on the 27th of January. Its the second in a set of three novella’s focusing on the hot London rock and roll scene and gets its name from a VERY sexy bedroom!
Link –

As Robbie Harding belts out hit song Jenny to a packed Wembley Stadium, my heart tears, my mind fudges and my insides heat to a lusty, pulsing boiling point.
Why me more than the other 90,000 screaming fans?
Because I’m Jenny—he’s singing about me.
The guy is sex on legs with a voice to match and has starred in all my hot dreams since the day boys became interesting. For three precious years, it was more than hot dreams. Turns out he wants me back in his life and his bed. How can I resist?
So with lots of naked, sweaty and downright dirty time to make up for, I wield my backstage pass, hunt him down and refuse to be starstruck by the boy next door. Seems Robbie agrees, as he insists on tuning in to my needs and rediscovering our rhythm before we even reach a bedroom.

Copyright © LILY HARLEM, 2011
All Rights Reserved, Ellora's Cave Publishing, Inc.

My stomach tightened as I followed Sylvia down a brightly lit winding corridor. Several people rushed past us and we had to flatten ourselves against the wall to get out of their way. As we moved on again I patted my bubbles of blonde hair, frizzing because of the damp evening. I wore just the tiniest hint of makeup, a thin layer of waterproof mascara and sheer gloss.

Beneath my hoody I had on a small cream t-shirt with a V-neck. Within the V sat the tiny butterfly necklace Robbie had bought me the last Christmas we’d spent together. It wasn’t an expensive piece of jewelry. Neither of us had much money then. But it had meant a lot that Christmas morning, especially when he said that he knew I needed to spread my wings and fulfill my dreams of university.

We stopped outside a shiny white door. A burly security guy stood against it with his thick arms crossed over his colossal chest. He gave Sylvia the smallest of nods and stepped aside as she reached for the handle.
Beneath my faded denim jeans, my knees turned watery. I didn’t know if I could go through with this, seeing Robbie after all this time. He wasn’t the boy next door anymore. The guy I’d lost my virginity to in the tent at the bottom of his garden. He was an international musician, known all overthe world for his talent and his good looks. He dated supermodels and Oscar winners. He wasn’t “my” Robbie Harding anymore. He belonged to millions of adoring fans.

I tugged at my bottom lip with my teeth and dragged in a deep breath. I was a little dizzy, a little nauseous.
He’d lost his virginity to me too. We’d traded. We’d done it so we were even. We both wanted to be each other’s first—and last, if I remembered the conversation correctly.

Sylvia pushed open the door and took a step inside. I stayed still. Out in the corridor where the lights were harsh and the air stuffy.

But I wasn’t the girl next door either. Not anymore. I was “Dr.” Calahan and I’d just been involved in important research into the prevention of malaria. My name along with the results of my study had been splashed about several medical journals. I no longer collected butterflies in jam jars any more than he still had a snail farm in an old fish tank in his garage.

We’d both changed.

“Come in,” Sylvia called to me. “Come in, they don’t bite.”

I knew for a fact one of them did when he got carried away. In the heat of the moment he’d been known to give my inner thighs quite a nip.

I swallowed and felt the burly security man’s gaze on me. I looked up. His eyes were a piercing glacial blue.

“You okay, Miss?” he asked. “You look kind of starstruck.”

“Yes, yes, I’m fine. Not starstruck though, this is more like coming face to face with a ghost.”

If it tickles your fancy check out MATTRESS MUSIC , also coming soon, the last in the set, MÈNAGE Á MUSIC.

Please stop by my website and let me know what you think. I love hearing from readers.
Lily x
Winner of the 2009 Love Honey Award for Erotic Fiction

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Pleasant Surprise!

My child home with a fever of 100.7 and my left hip singing the blues (as it does whenever we're going to get precipitation), I'd written the day off...then I checked my email. My Ellora's Cave Quickie® titled Leap has been nominated for Siren Book Reviews best contemporary romance of 2010! Smile on my face, I did a jig around the living room--aching hip be damned. Now I know what actors mean when they say it's an honor just to be nominated. Here's the link if you'd like to vote:
Congrats to everyone who was nominated and a special thanks to Siren Book Reviews staff who thought so much of my book. *Happy dance...slowly* I'm still a little stiff today. Oh, and here's the link to Leap if you'd like a copy for yourself:

Monday, January 10, 2011

Bringing in the New Year with Books and CTR (and me!)

Happy New Year readers! I'm please to participate in Coffee Time Romance's Bringing in the New Year with Books event so yep, there's a heart some where on my site: . Also, I'll be on the forums Jan. 27th with my fellow Ellora's Cave authors. Haven't heard about the event or want to know more? Check out the info below. Happy hunting!

It is time to let the winning begin!  Yes, tons of fun and prizes heading your way.

There are hearts on Coffee Time Romance & More.  
There are hearts on author's websites.
There are hearts on publisher's websites.

Remember if you want to get the clues to find those hearts, you will need to have our toolbar to receive the clues every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday!

This will help you be enter to win a new Pandigital color e-reader!

To read all about how this works and the legal junk, click here.
This week's schedule

These events are located in our forums. 

If you are not a member yet, put Coffee Crew in the referral box and we will speed you through the lines! So here is the schedule and prizes that are up for grabs! See, told you that you did not want to miss it! So you want to stop by, chat with the authors, and win their prize!

  • Lisa Marie Wilkinson - Autographed copy of Fire at Midnight and Stolen Promise
  • Lisa Fox - An eBook copy of my novella Sculpting a Demon
  • Mocha Memoirs Press - Autographed poster size image of the cover for A Healer's Bond, a Mocha Memoirs Press totebag, and a Mocha Memoirs Press tee-shirt
Jan. 11
  • Paige Tyler
  • Deanna Jewel - winner's choice of Never Surrender or No Turning Back
  • Zumaya Publications - gift basket, which will include neat Zumaya stuff and five (count 'em) signed books from Zumaya authors. :-) It's a good way to kick off our year-long fifth anniversary party
  • Charlie Cochrane - Winners choice of one of the Cambridge Fellows print books
  • jj Keller - $10 B&N card, two free e-books,Undercover Housewife and Love Hurts
  • Lyrical Press - eBook of Prey For Mercy by A.E. Rought.
Jan. 14
  • Nicole Gestalt - an ebook from my published ebooks - winners choice, as well as a pack of cards done in an encaustic style
  • Tracey Kitts - eBook (pdf) of Bitten
  • Miss Mae - autographed copy of my P&E 2009 winner YA, When the Bough Breaks
Jan. 15
Good Luck and have fun!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Guest Author Destiny Blaine

Author Destiny Blaine is pleased to announce she has TWO New Releases for her readers to enjoy this January 2011

Just released TODAY: Check out Steam Toys, a contemporary steampunk paranormal erotic romance. Just Released Yesterday: The next chapter in Destiny’s critically acclaimed hot Sport Wives Series, The Third Promise.


Destiny Blaine
Aspen Mountain Press
Released January 7th, 2011
Erotic/Steam punk/Contemporary/Paranormal

A dead woman plots revenge against the man who two-timed her.

Revenge is a hot, bitter dish when served up enthusiastically by someone empowered by extra steam.

Heidi Labeidi, a successful Nevada brothel owner, had the world by its tail until her deceptive lover Stan Graves disposed of her. Lost somewhere between life and the afterlife, Heidi materializes in her former home thirty years after her death. She has a second chance and she’s hell bent on solving her own murder.
With a knack for creating pleasure-inducing trinkets and furniture, Edward Brady is an eccentric mad scientist on the verge of greatness. He’s also in desperate need of an assistant and his problems are solved when he discovers a sensual ghost enjoying his sex toys.
Heidi has something to offer Edward but her assistance comes at a price. And when Edward becomes an assassin’s mark, only Heidi can help him. Will Edward barter with a ghost who can save him and if he does, will the former madam become the one woman Edward is unable to resist?

Read an Excerpt HERE



Series: Sport Wives #6
Destiny Blaine
Siren-Bookstrand Publishing
Released January 2011
Erotic May-December Cowboy Ménage a Quatre Romance, M/F/M/M
Buy at Siren HERE

Special release day discount at Bookstrand ONLY: For one week only, all other Siren-BookStrand titles by Destiny Blaine are 15% off! Offer ends January 13th.

Suzy has always wanted more. Now, she has all she can handle and she still wonders, "Are two men really enough?"

When the Giovanni brothers introduce Suzy to a close friend, she gets her answer and finds herself pondering possible scenarios. Does Branson Braxton have anything to offer a woman or is he only interested in an eight-second ride?

A man hell-bent on keeping his friends safe, Branson Braxton goes out of his way to protect the Giovanni family. Soon, he finds he’s devoted and attracted to Suzy Giovanni. He’ll do anything to protect her and goes out of his way to love her.

Read a hot excerpt in this thrilling new release HERE


Don't forget Destiny Blaine’s December releases, Cowboys For Christmas and A Cowboy’s Christmas Story now available at Amazon, Bookstrand, and other online bookstores.

Aspen Mountain Press
Available NOW
Contemporary Erotic Ménage Romance

A holiday blizzard brings a pair of cowboys to a woman's home.

Julie Kensworth opens her door to more than a blizzard and greets two wayward cowboys. She realizes right away she’s headed straight for the eye of the storm.
Brandon Blake and Quinn Stewart are a long way from home. They’re looking for a warm place to hang their hats while they try to wait out the snow and ice, which continues to gain momentum.

 Julie is an author and she’s not just the average writer, she’s one of the most notorious writers in the world. When Quinn and Blake figure out Julie is an erotic romance author, well, needless to say, their minds churn with all sorts of ideas, most of them geared toward how they can heat up the cold winter nights ahead.


A Destiny Blaine Production
Available NOW
Holiday/Contemporary Western Romance

A soldier may wave a white flag of surrender but a cowboy never concedes, especially at Christmastime.

Luke McGregor knows how to protect himself. He’s a hard ass but even a cowboy with a cocksure attitude understands what he’s facing when his heart speeds up and his words slow down all because of one little brown-eyed darlin’.

Marcy Killian has something about her, a way of making Luke stand up and take notice. She may scare the livin’ daylights out of him but Luke’s played around with wild notions long enough. It’s time to approach the enemy and make nice with an old friend.

Marcy is a little older and quite a bit wiser since the last time she saw Luke McGregor. She knows all about missed opportunities and since she’s not getting any younger, she’s bound and determined to capture Luke’s attention once and for all. But she may bite off a little more than she can possibly chew.

Sparks fly when Marcy and Luke end up at the same bar on Christmas Eve. They immediately realize fate has a hand in bringing them together. Will their holiday happenstance lead to more than one night of passion or will their pride and stubbornness keep them from sharing Christmas together?


Find Destiny Blaine on the web at the following places:

Watch my books! Love Game

As promised, I've posted the brand new trailer for Love Game and SQUEEEEEEEE! It releases today :) Get your copy here:

Don't just love the the game!


Thursday, January 6, 2011

Watch my books! Leap

Yes, it was time...time for me to learn how to use my computer's movie maker program and that's just what I did. Submitted for your approval is the book trailer for my Quickie titled Leap. Enjoy!

Leap -

Stay tuned tomorrow for the trailer for Love Game, releasing tomorrow at Ellora's Cave!


Monday, January 3, 2011

Celebrate romance and the uniformed services at CTR Book Brew

I'm at Coffee Time Romance's blog--Coffee Thoughts--today. It's January's Book Brew event and the theme is the uniformed services. Check out romance books with military, firefighters, EMTs and police officers as main characters, including my own tribute to sexy firemen titled All the Good Men. Drop by for interviews, excerpts and enter to win lots of goodies. I'm giving away a signed print copy of my book to one lucky commenter drawn at random. Join us today!