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Guest Author Kayden McLeod--Take a walk with the Cornwalls

Dear Reader,

First off, thank you Cindy for having me here today! It’s always a blast to be here.
In January, the last two books of the Cornwall Coven trilogy were released, by Silver Publishing, Carnal Magnetism and Demonic Pandemonium.

I am completely thrilled about these books finally coming out and having them available to you. Writing about my hometown and areas that surround it was an interesting and rewarding experience. I’ve walked through the very same streets and places the characters have, participating in some of the activities, as they did in the books.

Let’s go to some of them. I’ve also included some websites that include pictures of the places that are mentioned in the books.

Downtown Vancouver
Downtown is filled with historical and modern buildings alike, bustling people and hotspots; of fashion, food, entertainment and shopping. You can walk down Granville Street to find something to catch everyone’s interest. It is this area of the Cornwall Coven’s territory that the trilogy’s main stage is set; the RedLine, a fetish club that is a creation of my world.

Granville Island
The marketplace sits just outside of downtown, over the Granville Street Bridge. In Carnal Magnetism, Ryder, Catalym, Kevlar and Kelly come here to go shopping and get away from their brewing troubles for a short while. It is one of her first tastes of true freedom, one that doesn’t last very long, before her enemy shows to take her back to imprisonment.
This is a great place to go for a variety of reasons. Whether it’s the marketplace itself, the art gallery, the dock or the pond that lies just at the mouth of Granville Island.

Stanley Park
It is here that Kevlar takes Pandora, in Demonic Pandemonium, to get away from the war that is only just starting around them. They drive through the roads that run through the sprawling forest, the sea wall and the spectacular views of the ocean. Stanley Park is lush with plant and wildlife. It can be accessed through downtown and North Vancouver (The Jericho Coven territory).
One of my most vivid memories of the park will always be the Vancouver Aquarium, with the displays and array of sea life. While I was still in high school, my class spent the night there, in sleeping bags in front of the beluga whale tank. It was sort of odd to say the least to wake up, roll over and see a whale staring back at you…

In Demonic Pandemonium, a group of the Cornwalls goes to the amusement park in Vancouver. It is here that Pandora shows up Kevlar at a game of his own making, while Marcus and Kelly begun to wonder at what Pandora really is—human or something else? They know she isn’t a vampire, but Pandora isn’t very forthcoming about why she is so different.
Throughout most of my life, Playland was a park I visited often. One of the first times was when my sister and her friends took me along with them. We’d go on rides, play games and eat the large variety of food they served. We went on the same rollercoaster named the Corkscrew that appeared in Final Destination III, which they called Devil’s Flight in the movie. For two weeks out of the summer season, the amusement park is expanded to include the PNE, a fair of various additional attractions, shopping and prizes, which is a 100 year old tradition in Vancouver.

The C-Fox Radio Station:
In Demonic Pandemonium, I wanted to do something a little different than just places and street names. 99.3 CFOX is a rock station I’ve listened to for years, especially the Jeff O’Neil Morning Show, which is what I wake up to every morning during the work week. They were gracious enough to give me permission to use their names to add another dimension of home, when I first started writing the third book.
In 2008, when Demonic Pandemonium is actually placed in the series and when I started writing it, the DJ’s were Jeff, Charis and Scotty, who appear in the third book. Recently, Charis relocated with her fiancé. Since then, Jen has joined the morning show with Jeff and Scotty. 

Thank you all so much! If you want to know more, feel free to visit the links below that contain the trailer, excerpts and my author bio:
To Buy Book One, Deadly Fetishes:
To Buy Book Two, Carnal Magnetism and Book Three, Demonic Pandemonium:

And I’ll be giving away a copy of The Cornwall Coven, Book One, Deadly Fetishes to one commenter on this post…

Good Luck…
Kayden McLeod 


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Congrats, Kayden,
Sp happy for you to get these books released. They sound yummy...A must read...all of them...Tabs

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LOVE those Covers, Kayden!! And your books sound great too!

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