Sunday, January 31, 2010

Weirldy 3 is HERE!

Get your copy of all the Weirdly goodness today! My alter-ego, mistress of the dark, CJ Elliott has a wicked little tale in this anthology that includes scary, creepy, eerie or just plain weird stories.

Best Laid Schemes by CJ Elliott
Adeline Pickington's husband is at it again. There's perfume on his clothes and lipstick on his collar. He's humiliated her like this so many times she might drink herself into an early grave. With a prenup in place, Addie can't walk out unless she wants to wind up penniless. Her only option: Kill the bastard.

Addie does her research, sets up her alibi, and follows her cheating husband to his 'fishing' cabin. She plans to murder him and his little floozie in flagrante delicto, but the best laid schemes of mice and murderesses often go astray. Now Addie's gotten herself into mess she may not make it out of alive.

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