Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Point of Distraction Method--From Heartache to True Love in 12 Steps

Point of Distraction the First Collection

1 Get your groove back

2 Break the rules

3 Visit an old friend

Point of Distraction the Second Collection

4 Start dating again

5 Do something out of character

6 Surround yourself with friends

Point of Distraction the Third Collection

7 Reconnect with your past

8 Experiment a little

9 Realize your true potential

Point of Distraction the Final Collection

10 Say goodbye to who you once were

11 Give yourself choices

12 Embrace your bright future and true love

Get all 12 steps in four easy installments: click here!

1 comment:

Rita Vetere said...

This method sounds like a sure-fire winner. What a clever girl Ana is. :-)