Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Top Ten Sexiest Male Professions

Yesterday a new friend of mine mentioned her man is a fireman and my knee jerk reaction was “ooh la la.” Then, I stopped to think about my response…what about certain professions make women take that trip of the imagination? As a writer, I think it’s important to understand why a hero is more appealing if he’s a fireman as opposed to an insurance salesman. Are some professions inherently sexy or have we been socially conditioned to respond to them?

Bartenders – Though most gals wouldn’t want to date one, bottle slinger invariably makes the top ten sexiest jobs.

Professionals – Architects, lawyers, engineers…there’s something undeniable sexy about a super smart man.

Pilot – Those flyboys do know how to have fun. Or maybe it’s that they know how command 200 tons of metal and enjoy pushing the limits of what humans can do.

Celebrities – Be he a musician, an actor, or that larger than life CK underwear model plastered across Times Square, simply by being famous makes a man exponentially more attractive. I mean, really, would skinny, awkward looking Mick Jagger ever have gotten laid were it not for his superstar status?

Policemen – Could be the uniform, maybe it’s that he puts himself in the line of danger to protect others, but there is something so appealing about a cop. That he always carries handcuffs might have something to do with it ;)

Construction workers – Okay, so the guy in the famous diet soda commercial was really a male model, but often men who do physical labor for a living do have smoking hot bodies. Sweat, baby, sweat!

Military men – Again, it’s probably the ‘uniform factor’ and that their job requires a heck of a lot of machismo to pull off, but few men are sexier than a military man. Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines…we don’t discriminate, all branches are welcome. And it just goes to show, women (like the Marine Corps) are looking for a few good men.

Doctors – Healing hands, sexy white coat, big brains, and an intimate knowledge of anatomy makes this profession a no-brainer for this top ten list.

Firemen – Like military men, firefighters exude masculinity. Brave, selfless, and oh-so fit, gimme a fireman any day you wanna see Cindy drool!

Athletes – Topping the list are professional sportsmen. Rippling abs, sculpted arms, and juicy buttocks, athletes are the epitome of the physically ideal male. It is their JOB after all to stay in peak form. And women everywhere are so grateful that it is.


ddurance said...

Your list is spot on!


Kold_Kadavr_flatliner, sub/dude said...

HEER YE! O HEER YE!! I, blessed holy socks, hereby shall giveth unto thee all of my blogs - besides they could be MUCH better spent giving you ideas on the passion and length of Heaven. Like iconoclastic romance? Like well-oiled-clichés? Like adventure and passion in the Great Beyond? Want proof of the Heavenly luxury? Wanna super-sonic-faith, 7D, triple-fudge (without those nasty zits), tour de force, exceed’n-the-limits, especially 'MySoulAccomplishment' and ‘exponential’? Girly, we can do whatever we like Upstairs - God only gives bawlz to those who see the need for humility, doll. I seriously gotta lotta bawlz (in the cranium). Meet me in Heaven and you, too, can see’m. God bless you. Love you.