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#WhipItWednesday - ALICIA'S POSSESSION by Colette Saucier

Please welcome my first Whip It Wednesday guest all you BDSM readers, Colette Saucier. Her new release, ALICIA'S POSSESSION sounds delicious! Get your copy today:
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Alicia’s Possession

Haunted by a traumatic accident and her husband’s betrayal, Alicia believes she can never trust again. Now she must surrender her will to Mason if she wants to find out if the bizarre events terrorizing her are the work of the paranormal, her own paranoia, or something far more sinister.


After recovering from a freak car crash that put her in a coma and left her with no memory of the accident, wealthy socialite Alicia Pageant becomes convinced there is a connection between the mysterious disappearance of her neighbor and a series of bizarre occurrences inside her own house; but everyone—including the detective called to investigate—thinks the woman’s head injury has left her unable to distinguish reality from fantasy.


As Detective Mason Crawley investigates this “suspicious incident,” Alicia’s palpable sadness and vulnerability awaken his instinct to protect her and lead her into the light; but when her story begins to unravel, each new piece of information creates more questions than it answers. He begins to wonder if he is falling in love with a woman who is a witness to a cleverly-concealed crime, dangerously delusional, or a murderer.

  (Contains light bondage and elements of Dominance and submission.)


“A great story. It's got everything—sex, crime, cops, more sex, a twisted mystery, knot tying, and a superb denouement.” — Chuck Hustmyre, screenwriter and bestselling author of THE AXMAN OF NEW ORLEANS

Excerpt from Alicia’s Possession


“What do you want?” she asked. “I don’t know what you want from me.”

Mason gripped her upper arms, forcing her eyes to meet his. He knew he’d made a mistake the moment her warmth bled through the silk of her robe and into his palms, sending a ripple of sensation up his arms and down his body. "Why did you lie about knowing Judith?" he asked, his voice low and gravelly but not in the terse tone he used to intimidate a witness. No, she might not recognize it, but he could hear his lust cradling each syllable.

She squeezed her eyes tight as if to prevent her tears’ escape, but instead it forced them down her cheeks. “I wasn’t lying. I don’t know her. I don’t remember her. I don’t remember anything.”

He lifted one hand from her arm and brushed the tears from her cheek with his thumb before running it across her bottom lip. Her eyes remained closed, and his chest rose and fell in rhythm with hers. He leaned in close enough to inhale her breath.

“Don’t,” she said without force.

He shuffled his feet forward the few inches required for his body to brush against her breasts. “How can you not remember?”

“Th-the accident.”

He brought his mouth down, barely touching hers, his tongue tasting the salt of tears on her lips—those lips he had wanted to kiss from the first moment they’d met.

“Please,” she said on a puff of air and tried to pull away from him, but he tightened his hold on her arm.

“Please what?”

“Please…don’t kiss me.”

“I think you want me to kiss you.” When she said nothing in protest, he pressed his lips to hers and gently pulled first her top, then her bottom lip into his mouth. He held her chin between his thumb and fist to lift her face.

Tears still streamed down her cheeks, but she opened her eyes and shook her head. “I…I can’t do this.”

Mason trailed his finger down her throat to the opening of her robe, stopping just over her heart, and she trembled with a hitch in her breath.

“What do you mean you didn’t remember her because of the accident?”

“I have…gaps, memory loss.” Her tears had begun to wane.

“I’m going to kiss you again.”

“No,” she whispered when his mouth hovered mere millimeters over hers. He dropped his hand from her arm to the small of her back and pulled her against him, and she gasped at the unmistakable evidence of his arousal. “I’m not ready for this.”

“Because of your injury?”

“Because of the infidelity. My husband. He hurt me.” Her words pinched his heart and he nodded. “I can’t be with a man—any man. I can’t trust anyone. I don’t even trust myself to have the sense or judgment to know who can be trusted. I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to trust anyone again.”

Mason laid a soft kiss on her mouth, tugging her bottom lip gently between his teeth. He lifted his face just enough to look at her. In time, he could teach her to trust again, at least to trust him, but it would take patience—and perseverance. He thought she might be worth the effort.

“If you want me to stop,” he told her, “if you really mean it, say ‘apple.’”

Alicia furrowed her brow and blinked before meeting his stare directly. “But I told you to stop.”

“Yes, but you didn’t mean it.” The color rushing into her cheeks proved him right. “I will only stop if you say ‘apple.’ Understand?”

She responded with a single, slow nod, never taking her eyes off him. When he covered her mouth with his, he ran his tongue along the seam of her lips, and she opened for him. He wrapped both arms around her then, holding her tight, and she placed her hands on his shoulders. As his tongue swirled inside her mouth, she leaned against him and released a low, moaning sigh. He allowed the kiss to continue and to deepen, in part because he wanted to prevent her from using the safety word, but primarily because he didn’t want to relinquish her delicious mouth. Although he would never call himself a connoisseur, he could detect the subtle notes of cherry, chocolate, and plum from the wine on her tongue.

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Calling #EroticRomance, #Romance and #Erotica authors

Announcing theme days on my blogs and calling all romance, erotic romance and erotica authors! Samples of current releases and upcoming releases welcome as well as blog articles on the theme topics, character interviews, etc.

Ménage Mondays -
The more the merrier! All ménage scenes welcome.

Whip It Wednesdays -
These days are for BDsM lovers! The hotter and kinkier the better ;)

First Kiss Fridays -
There's nothing like a first kiss. Post excerpts about your characters first kiss, that moment when they first give in to their burgeoning passion.

Please submit entries to with the theme day and general timeframe you'd like to post. It shameless self-promotion time :)


Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Going on a TV fast

Okay, in my defense, the weather this summer has been wonky so there have been lots of days where getting outside hasn't been an option. That being said, I noticed last week that the fam and I are spending waaaaaay too much time glurking out in front of the boob tube, even on really beautiful days.

We decided (after much protesting on my son's part) that this week, the TV stays off. The one exception will be watching a DVD as a family after dinner. It's part of my son's bedtime ritual. Do not wanna mess with that. Otherwise, there is no SpongeBob, no Pawn Stars, no World's Dumbest whatever. Seriously, the TV junk food the guys consume is alarming.

I'm even guilty of it...I'm a bit of a Discovery and Science Channel junkie. But seriously, even educational TV is quite the time suck. I mean, wouldn't it be a better experience for DS and I to attempt to make our own flashlight out of a light bulb, some wiring, some PVC tubing and duct tape as opposed to watching someone else do it?

So, we have our remotes set to off and it's full speed ahead to see what mischief we can cause when we're not drooling on ourselves on the sofa. I hazard a guess there will be no end to our productivity.

Wish us luck!


Saturday, July 6, 2013

Hunt Country Writers Retreat July 6th

I'll be speaking on the authors panel at the Second Annual Hunt Country Writers Retreat today! Wish me luck :)