Friday, May 4, 2012

Getting my Brazilian on!

Hey everyone! It's been a great week. I've lost a couple more pounds (WOOT!), finished the manuscript for Smuggler's Blues (WOO HOO!) and I started Samba classes again. Those of you who have been following me for a while know that I'm an avid bellydancer, I love Salsa dancing and that I tried incorporating Samba into my repertoire about a year and half ago only to be sidelined with a knee injury. The injury had nothing to do with Samba, but it did put a damper on me getting my Brazilian on.

I'm happy to report I'm back on the horse and having a great time. I still struggle with making my moves big enough because in bellydancing everything is so controlled and it's all about isolation. Samba is the exact opposite. Everything is supposed to bounce and jiggle. No worries, even after my recent weight loss I still have lots to jiggle, lol.

Carnival in Brazil"Why Samba? Why now?" you ask. Well, Romanticon this year is going to have a Mayan/Carnival theme night to it and as those of you who attended last year know, I am a dancing fool. Love to dance. Can't do anything else athletic, but I can shake my money maker :) And that's just what I intend to do...surrounded by Cavemen...and EC readers and authors...and Cavemen...and have fun on the dance floor...with Cavemen. Ohhh, sorry, I got distracted.

For those of you intimidated by the skimpy carnival costumes, I say let it all hang out! Every woman is beautiful. Besides, those of us who are on the thick side will survive the Zombie Apocalypse a little longer than those who aren't :)

With that in mind, I bid you happy weekend and urge you to dance like no one's watching. It's good for your soul.