Thursday, May 13, 2010


I'm excited about my latest blog project with authors Kayden McLeod and Kristin Manter called Erosity--a place where love and sex and magic runs rampant. My story is titled Fallen Angel and features two characters I'm thrilled to introduce to you.

All private eye Ruby Calypso has in the world is her Sig Sauer .380 and a cat named Mr. Jingles...and that's just the way she likes it. One night she crosses paths with an angel named Xavier and her quiet world is turned inside out. But Xavier has little to do with goodness and light. When this angel comes to your bedside, you'd better start praying. Then again, it's already too late. Demons beware, the fallen angel is back in town.

As some of you know, I majored in art in college so I've gone back to my roots a bit with this project. In addition to the writing, I've done a bit of art to go along with my story.

Check out the first installment--and read Kayden's and Kristin's stories--today at !